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A telephone relay satellite. Here's a NASA page on it:

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Q: In the space program what is Tellstar?
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What is answer to brain teaser Program?

A Space program.

What is the space program?

A program by JFK to get The Americans to space or to the moon!

What was the name of the space program to send two men into space?

Soviet Space Program

What does a short line in front of the word program mean---- program?

blank program

The American space program that carried teams of mostly three astronauts into space?

The space program was Project Apollo, or the Apollo Program.

Name of space program launched by Kennedy?

The Apollo space program.

Is Neil Armstrong's sons in a space program?

No they are not involved with space program.

Does Moldova have a space program?

Moldova is poor, no money for a space program.

What was the name of the soviet space program in 1970?

Soviet Space Program/ your face

When did Space Shuttle program end?

Space Shuttle program ended in 2011.

When was Space Shuttle program created?

Space Shuttle program was created in 1981.

Who was responsible for the Pioneer Space Program?

The Pioneer space program was a series of unmanned missions to explore the planets in more detail. It was a US space program.

What is a cosmonault?

Same as an astronaut. A person trained by a space program to travel into space as a crew member of the space program.

What was the name of the second manned space program?

The first program to put a man in space was the Soviet Union's Vostok program, so the second manned space program would be the US Mercury program. The second US manned program was Gemini.

Did Republicans oppose the Apollo space program?

No I do not think the republicans objected the space program.

If you were in charge of the space program what would your priorities be why?

If you were in charge of the space program what would your priorities be why?

What is the current space program?

The current program is to build a permenant base is space called the International Space Station (ISS).

What change has happened in the space shuttle program this year?

None. The Space Shuttle Program is over.

What was the role of President Dwight Eisenhower in the Apollo Space Program?

he was not part of the appolo space program

Write a program in Lex to eliminate white space and collect numbers as a token?

write a lex program to delete space from the program

What was US space program that put astronauts on the moon?

The US space program that put astronauts on the moon was called the Apollo program.

How has the focus of the us space program changed snice the time of the Apollo program?

The focus of the Apollo program was just the Moon and getting there and back. Now the focus of the Space program is to build a viable permanent base in space, with a view to deep space exploration.

What is the answer to the brain teaser line program?

space program?

What was the long term results of the space program?

We have many things because of the space program. Things like computers, and all sorts of consumer items. The space program has also developed a means to explore space.

What space program Neil Armstrong was in?

Apollo program . (: