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Q: In the state of SC at age 17 can your legal guardian put a restraining order against someone for you?
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Can my girlfriends mom get a restraining order against me and my girlfriend even know i am younger than my girlfriend?

Yes. Your g/f's mom is her legal guardian and can get a restraining order against your regardless of your age. If you violate the restraining order both you and you parents will be legally liable.

What is the difference between guardian and permanent legal guardian?

Guardian i having part guardian over someone. Permanent legal guardian is when you will be taking care of someone for life.

Is it legal to posses a firearm while having a restraining order against you?

No, it is not.

Can a minor file a restraining order against an adult?

(in the US) No. The order must be requested by a parent/guardian of the minor. But of course if the suit is against the legal guardian, another adult advocate would have to assist the child. The court will usually follow a route that is in the best interests of the child.

How can a child issue a restraining order?

(in the US) a minor cannot petition for a such an order. A parent or legal guardian would have to do it for them.

Can someone else sign for you to get a tattoo that is not your guardian?

No. If they are not your guardian then they have no legal right to make that decision.

Is a guardian a parent?

No. A legal guardian is not a parent.No. A legal guardian is not a parent.No. A legal guardian is not a parent.No. A legal guardian is not a parent.

Do you have to have parental consent for a restraining order?

If you are a minor you cannot put the order in place yourself. It has to be done by a parent/guardian who is legal.

Will having a Legal Restraining Order against you eliminate your chances of becoming an RN as a job?

If you have a restraining order against you it could possibly hinder you obtaining your nursing license. It really depends on why the restraining order was issued.

Does non custodial parent have to pay child support to guardian?

Yes. If someone else has been appointed your child's legal guardian then you can be ordered to pay child support.Yes. If someone else has been appointed your child's legal guardian then you can be ordered to pay child support.Yes. If someone else has been appointed your child's legal guardian then you can be ordered to pay child support.Yes. If someone else has been appointed your child's legal guardian then you can be ordered to pay child support.

Can a mom place a restraining order between a couple?

Only if mom is the legal guardian of one of the persons constituting the couple. That is, the one that mom is legal guardian over is not an adult. In addition, the requrements to obtain a restraining order must still be met. That is, the other person that constitutes a couple must present some sort of physical threat.

How can a 16-year-old get a restraining order in Ohio?

Please someone help me i leave with my Aunt she is my legal Guardian and i cant live with her anymore she scares me and is unstable and verbally abuses me and my grandparents said i can stay with them but i dont know what to do.

Do parents need a valid reason to request a restraining or no contact order against one of your peers?

No. Any adult requesting the court for a restraining order against an adult must show "just cause". Any parent or legal guardian requesting a restraining order in conjunction with the protection or restriction of contact pertaining to a minor only needs to file the petition in the appropriate state court. The law presumes parents have the legal power and parental right to take such action regardless of the circumstances surrounding the issue.

Is it legal for a parent to put a restraining order on someone and add their 24 year old and grandchild to it?

Yes, they can ask to get a restraining order towards anyone they want.

Can I have a restraining order against your wife when she has one on me?

If she is doing something that gives legal cause for one, maybe. But it would be difficult to prove that she is threatening you and that you are not violating your restraining order.

Can a child that has a legal gurdian be adopt by someone?

No..but the child can be adopted by a natural guardian

How old do you have to be to pick your legal guardian in Virginia?

If you were old enough to pick your legal guardian, you wouldn't need a legal guardian.

If you live in the state of Texas and are seventeen years old and have a boyfriend but parents have restraining order against him is it still legal to live with him?

your parents have the restraining order against him so you can still live with him as long as he stays away from your parents.

If a wife puts a restraining order against the husband can they email each other through another person?

if a wife puts a restraining order against the husband is it legal to contact each other through another person

Does my wife have the right to appoint someone as a guardian of my child without my consent?

No. Your wife cannot appoint a legal guardian for your children. Only a court can appoint a legal guardian. If the guardianship is voluntary (and not ordered by the court) you and your wife must consent and join in the petition to have a guardian appointed.

Is it legal to poop on someone?

If it is consensual, it is legal. If it is against that person's will, it is a crime.

How do you make a minor a legal resident of a state?

They must reside with someone who is their parent or legal guardian, or to a close family member to whom the responsibilty for their upbringing has been legally delegated by the parent(s) or legal guardian(s).

What do you do if your big brother is constantly hurting you and bothering you?

You Tell Someone; Like Your Parents Or Legal Guardian.

What age can you choose your legal guardian in Georgia?

You don't choose your legal guardian - the court does.

Can father be put in nursing home without your permission?

Unless you are the legal guardian of your father, yes. There is no requirement that he get your permission. And if someone else is guardian, it is their decision.