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she goes to the potty and stinka stinks

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Q: In the westing game where does turtle go every saturady?
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Where does turtle goes every Saturday in the westing game?

Westing mansion.

How did turtle won the westing game?

turtle won the westing game when she found the fourth.

What happened to turtle after she won the westing game?

Turtle married Theo after she won the westing game.

What bet did turtle make in the westing game was?

She made a bet that every minute she was in the Westing Mansion she would get two dollars.

What is turtle like in the westing game?

In The Westing Game, Turtle is a brat. She wears a braid and kicks people when they touch it.

Did Turtle solve the answer to the game in the Westing Game?

Yes, Turtle did solve the answer to the westing games, the answer was Julian R. Eastman.

In the westing game what does Turtle predict the next part of the will would read?

what does turtle predict the next part of the will. in the westing game

What does turtle wexler do in the westing game?

she plays in the westing games

Who is the main character in the westing game?

The main character in The Westing Game is Turtle. It could also be Sam Westing, But personally I think Turtle is the main character.

What is the answer to the puzzle in the westing game?


Does turtle die in the westing game?


Where does Turtle go every Saturday in the Westing Game?

Turtle goes to the library every Saturday afternoon. She spends a lot of time in he library, studying and reading.

Who is the protagonist in the Westing Game?

turtle Wexler

How is turtle related to sam westing in the westing game?

Turtle Wexler is Sam Westing's great niece.

Who is turtle in the westing game?

She was sort of the main character. She did go on to actually win The Westing Game.

How did grace benefit from the westing game?

Grace didn't really benefit from the westing game, but Turtle won the westing game and all the inheritance.

Who is Turtle from the westing game?

Turtle is the daughter of Jake and Grace Wexler.

Who inherited the company in the Westing Game?


Who is the winner of the westing game?

Turtle Wexler.

What does turtle do with her 10000 in the westing game?


What does turtle do with her clues in the westing game?

eat them

Who is your favorite character in the westing game?


How long was turtle in the westing house in the book the westing game?

12 minutes

What are the characters in westing game?

Sam Westing and Turtle Wexler are the main characters.

In the westing game how did turtle benefit from playing in the game?

she won the game