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In a track cycling the riders cycle around the track in a anti clockwise direction
Track cycling (on a velodrome or banked bicycle racing oval) is always counter-clockwise, turning left. This is the standard direction for racing throughout the world. -

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Q: In track cycling do the riders cycle around the track in a clockwise or anti clockwise direction?
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Yes, there are professional bicycle riders.

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For road riders, mainly lycra.

What does poursuivants mean in cycling?

Followers, chasers. Riders trying to catch up.

What do olympic riders have for cycling equipment?

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What are leapfrog manouvers in a cycling group?

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What is a time trial in cycling?

Road cycling is usually a group ride, and then riders break out in a sprint just before the finish. In Time Trial, riders start with a little gap, aren't allowed to bunch up, and race against the clock instead. Fastest time wins.

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A Madison (also a girl's name).

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Union Cycliste Internationale is the world governing body for sports cycling and oversees international competitive cycling events. The UCI is based in Aigle, Switzerland. The UCI issues racing licenses to riders and enforces disciplinary rules, such as in matters of doping.

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