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In twelve angry men is juror 8 a hero?

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yes he is.

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Related Questions

Who the protagonist in twelve Angry men?

Juror Eight is the protagonist in Twelve Angry Men.

Who is the antagonist in twelve angry men?

Juror #3

Who was the oldest juror in twelve angry men?

Juror #9, later identified as McArdle was the oldest juror.

What are some quotes from juror 5 from twelve angry men?

This and that

Who argues with juror 8 in Twelve Angry Men?

Juror #3 (Lee J. Cobb).

In Twelve Angry Men what was juror 7's job?

Juror 7 was a salesman.

Which juror is the most objective in twelve angry men?

Henry Fonda

What is the personality of Juror 5 from twelve angry men?

jack klugman

What is the climax of the play twelve angry men?

The climax of 12 Angry Men is when Juror 3 says 'not guilty'

What is juror 7 name in twelve angry men movie?

Jack wardan

Who was the youngest juror of the Twelve Angry Men?

The Madison Avenue ad executive-

What was juror 5's job In twelve Angry Men?

His normal job is not specified, although he did have a job as a juror.

Who was passive in the movie Twelve Angry Men?

Juror #8 (played by Henry Fonda).

In Twelve Angry Men did juror 6 change his vote to not guilty?

Yes. He was the 6th juror to vote not guilty.

What is the juror 12s view in the play twelve angry men?

The 12th juror in the play 12 Angry Men originally believes that the boy is guilty. He later changes his vote to not guilty following the deliberation.

Why does juror number nine change his vote to guilty in twelve angry men?

Reasonable Doubt

What order do the jurors change their vote in twelve angry men?

the first to change it is juror 9

What does juror 10s following comment reveal about himself in twelve angry men?

He's a racist.

What is the juror 4 role in the story twelve angry men?

He is the one juror who is truly pragmatic and tries to follow only the evidence with no emotions.

Why did juror 1 change his vote twelve angry men?

because he was a war man he loved to fight

What are four verbs to doscribe juror 3 in twelve angry men?

People are described by adjectives, not verbs.

Who played juror number 9 in twelve angry men?

In the 1957 version, he was played by Joseph Sweeney.

What is the job of Juror Nine in the 1957 movie Twelve Angry Men?

To sit in deliberation with other members of the jury.

Why were the other 11 jurors initially unhappy with juror 8 in twelve angry men?

becuase he stood alone

Who are the leaders in Twelve Angry Men?

Well, there really are no leaders in Twelve Angry Men, but those with more 'input' would include Juror #1 (Martin Balsam) the Foreman and Juror #8 (Henry Fonda) who pushes for fellow jury members to consider the possibility the Defendant may not be guilty of the crime.