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Q: In what areas has your child shown the most development and growth during the past three or four years?
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What is the meaning of child's growth?

The growth and development of a child.

What has the author Marian E Breckenridge written?

Marian E. Breckenridge has written: 'Growth and development of the young child' -- subject(s): Child care, Child development, Children, Growth, Child Development

What has the author Ernest H Watson written?

Ernest H. Watson has written: 'Growth and development of children' -- subject(s): Growth, Children, Child development, Child Development

Child growth and development?

Child growth and development is the study that learns about children as they grow from conception to adulthood. All the stages they go through in the meantime is their development process into adulthood.

What principle of development describes the child's progression of growth and development from head to toe?


Why is the study of child growth and development considered interdisciplinary?

because individuals from diverse fields have contributed to our knowledge of child development.

What is the Dewey decimal number for child growth and development?


How areas of learning and development are inter dependent?

Areas of learning and development are interdependent because progress in one area often supports progress in another. For example, language development can enhance cognitive development as children learn new words and concepts. Similarly, social development can be supported by emotional development, as children learn to regulate their emotions in social interactions. Overall, growth in one area can positively influence growth in other areas, resulting in a holistic approach to learning and development.

What is the effect of child labour on their development and growth?

Children's or adolescents' participation in work that does not affect their behavioural development and growth, that must be taken into consideration.

What has the author Charles W Snow written?

Charles W. Snow has written: 'Infant development' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Infants, Development, Infant, Growth, Child Development 'Infant development' -- subject(s): Child development, Development, Growth, In infancy & childhood, Infant, Infants

What is meant by child growth and what are the main features of growth?

Every child is an individual.They grow develops at their own rate.Child development is a process every child goes through.This process involves learning and mastering skills like sitting,walking,talking,skipping and tying shoes.Children learn these skills,called Developmental Milestone,during predictable time periods.main features:cognitive development,social and emotional development,speech and language development,fine motor skill development and gross motor skill development

What is The most perceptible of all the aspects of child development?

cognitive growth