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In what case did the US Supreme Court rule that police may engage in a drug interdiction technique known as a bus sweep?


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January 07, 2010 9:41PM

Florida v. Bostick, 501 US 429 (1991)

In Bostick, the Court held that evidence obtained during random bus searches, if conducted with the passengers' consent (even if the passenger feels compelled by circumstances to agree), is not a violation of the Fourth Amendment prohibition against unreasonable search and seizure.

Bond v. United States, 529 US 334 (2000) is also important because it restricts the scope of the search. In Bond, the Court held that a person has a legal expectation of privacy if their luggage is stored in a compartment (referring to a bus or other public transportation), and that any police manipulation of that luggage constitutes illegal search and seizure.

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