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Do pinto beans grow better in soil or in cotton?

with the experiment i have done the beans grow much faster in the cotton balls.

Do cooked pinto beans grow?

Cooked beans do not grow

Does pinto beans grow better in sunlight or dark?

sunlight because it will have sunlight

What is a pinto tree?

There is not such a thing as a pinto tree. Pinto beans grow on vines, they do not grow on trees.

If you put a pinto bean in the ground can you grow pinto beans?

Yes it will grow

Can pinto beans or other beans grow where ever?


Are all bean seeds identical?

No, the beans are the seeds for the plants they grow on. Pinto beans grow pinto bean plants, lima beans grow lima bean plants, etc.

Do you plant a pinto bean to grow more pinto beans?


What does pinto beans grow in with the best soil?

Pinto beans can grow faster in ground or outside soil because it's more natural.

How tall do pinto beans grow?

Pinto beans are a bush type bean, they grow between 3 and 5 feet in optimum growing conditions wich makes them very popular in commercial growing. Its small size makes it easy to harvest unlike climbing beans wich grow very tall , with pinto beans you might still want to suport the plant stem with a tomatoe cage or what ever works for you.

If planted will dried pinto beans grow?


What makes pinto beans grow fast?


Can you plant pinto beans?

Yes you just need the right soil and you can grow a pinto plant

How long do pinto beans roots grow?

about 80cm deep

Will pinto beans grow faster in water or in soil?

in water

How are pinto beans grown?

Pinto Beans are grown by inserting a bean into the ground, giving it plenty of water and sunlight, and also good soil to grow in.

How much sunlight do pinto beans need to grow?

None. literaly

Do pinto beans need light to grow?

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Where do pinto beans grow?

California, Idaho, Michigan, Mexico, and Colorado are all large producers of the pinto bean.

Do pinto beans grow on a bush or vine?

On trees. Just like money.

Do lima beans grow better in soil or mulch?

Lima beans grow better in soil.

How do pinto beans grow?

You plant regular green n beana You plant green beans let them dry on vine and viola you have beans

What temperature do pinto bean grow in?

Growing pinto beans can be a very great experience pinto's grow best when the air temperature is between 70 and 80.f

Do pinto beans grow in a shell?

They grow in a pod. I grow Anasazi beans every year, a type of ancient pinto bean. They look just like a green bean . . . and I let the beans dry in the pod, keeping a close eye on them, since they will drop their beans from the pod after a while. I harvest them and finish drying them on sheets of newspaper or paper towels. Easy to grow, and much better than store bought . . . Especially if you keep it organic ! No chemical fertilizers, pesticides or weed sprays. Keep it natural, keep it healthy !

What three soils are the best to grow pinto beans in?

probably in rich deep soils

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