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Lions are found in a number of places. African lions keep mainly to the African savannas whereas mountain lions are found in wild areas where there are game animals present in the United States and other places in North and South America.


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What type of climate do lions live in? What type of climate do lions live in?

Lions mostly live in hot/dry climates

Forest type jungle. Most of which is being cut down!Chimpanzee's live in the jungle where other animals live!

i would think that the type of animals the type of animals are tigers , snakes, and lions, type of jungle animals you know

yes. all organisms live in habitats. take a lion for example...they live in the jungle. the jungle is a type of habitat.

Not African-type, but cougars or mountain lions.

Lions live on the African savannah.

A jungle is a type of forest, so both.

They live in plains vast open grassland

Jaguars leopard and gecios

tiger lives in the zoo and the jungle

The mountain lions live in caves in the hills.

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Lions live in Africa in woodlands, brush, open plains, and even semi desert.

They like living in the Zoo with the lions they're from the cat family, so they live in African deserts.They are often called brothers of Lions

savana, mostly in grasslands for example africa.

there are many types of monkeys and they live all around the world. Some monkeys even live in snow.

Mountain lions live in a wide variety of habitats - coniferous forests, deciduous forests, rainforests, wetlands, grasslands, savannas, mountains and deserts.

lions,tigers and bears mosty garillaos

Lions prefer dry woodlands and grassy plains.

There are 6 living species of Tigers. 5 species live in "Jungle" type habitats in Asia 1 species (The Siberian or Amur Tiger) lives in Siberia which is of course not a "Jungle".

The most known are lions, zebra, antellope, giraffes,elephants

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