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Q: In what country is Southampton?
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Is Southampton a country?


Where is the Hilton located in Southampton?

The Hilton, which is a hotel, is located in Southampton. Its address is Bracken PI, Southampton, Hampshire, S016 3NG, in the country of the United Kingdom.

Where did nat turner live?

In Southampton country

Can you travel by train from Preston to Southampton?

Yes, Virgin West Coast to Wolverhampton then Arriva Cross Country to Southampton.

What country did the titanic sail from?

The Titanic set sail from Southampton, England on April 10, 1912.

What country did the Titanic set sail from?

Southampton in England

What country did titanic depart and where was it going?

It departed from Southampton and was going to New York

What is the postal code for Southampton UK?

See the related link for more details Southampton (Southampton) SO15 Southampton (Hampshire)SO1 Southampton (Hampshire)SO2 Southampton (Hampshire)SO4

Where is the Southampton Free Library in Southampton located?

The address of the Southampton Free Library is: 947 Street Rd, Southampton, 18966 4728

Where is the Southampton Historical Society in Southampton New Jersey located?

The address of the Southampton Historical Society Inc is: Po Box 281, Southampton, MA 01073

Is Eastleigh in Southampton?

No, its a borough on the outskirts of Southampton.

When was Southampton created?

Southampton was created in 1964.