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In what country is Townsville?

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Townsville is in north Queensland, Australia.

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What is the continent of Townsville Australia?

Townsville is in the state of Queensland, In the country of Australia, which is on the continent of Australia.

What is the nearest airport to townsville?

Townsville Airport.

The Townsville Bulletin is a paper in which country?

The Townsville Bulletin is a local and regional online and offline newspaper in Australia. It was created in 1881 in North Queensferry and is printed daily from Monday to Saturday.

What is the distance from gympie to townsville?

It Is 1192 Kilometres from Gympie to Townsville

How far is townsville from equator?

how far is townsville, Australia from the equator

When was Townsville Fire created?

Townsville Fire was created in 2001.

Is Townsville an Australian town or city?

Townsville is an Australian city.

What is the area of Townsville?

The area of Townsville is 140.2 square kilometers.

When was Townsville Airport created?

Townsville Airport was created in 1939.

When was Townsville Crocodiles created?

Townsville Crocodiles was created in 1986.

When was City of Townsville created?

City of Townsville was created in 1865.

What is the population of Townsville?

When referring to the population of Townsville, figures include its sister city Thuringowa. The current population of Townsville/Thuringowa is about 165,000.

Is magnetic island north from townsville?

No, Magnetic island is East of Townsville.

How far is Townsville to Mt Isa?

From Townsville to Mt Isa is about 900km.

When was Townsville founded?

Townsville, in far north Queensland, was founded in 1864.

Distance from Longreach to Townsville?

The road distance between Longreach and Townsville is about 658km.

Is townsville north or south Australia?

Townsville is in the north of Australia in the state of Queensland.

Is townsville the best place on earth?

Townsville rocks DUDE AND DUDETTES!!!!!!! WHOOO

When was Townsville Grammar School created?

Townsville Grammar School was created in 1888.

In what direction is Townsville from Mackay?

Townsville is approximately 400 kms north of Mackay.

What is the airport code for Townsville Airport?

The airport code for Townsville Airport is TSV.

What is the area of City of Townsville?

The area of City of Townsville is 3,733 square kilometers.

How far from Port Douglas to Townsville?

From Port Douglas to Townsville is a distance of 413 kilometres.

What country and city does this number come from 07 47 plus 6 more digits?

That appears to be a number in Townsville, Queensland, Australia, country code +61.

Does Johnathan Thurston live in Brisbane or Townsville?

Johnathan Thurston lives in Townsville, around Thuringowa.

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