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Elliot can turn into a grey cat and in episode 36. zoey is a cat and cant change back without a kiss. So when zoey finds a poodle she runs after it and the poodles boyfriend shows up and gets mad. Aruto, the grey cat, comes and protects her and changes her back by kissing her. Zoey wants to take the mystery cat home when he changes into Elliot. at the end of the episode, Elliot gets a revenge kiss and zoey is a cat again.

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Q: In what episode of Tokyo mew mew does Elliot kiss zoey?
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What episode on Tokyo mew mew did Elliot dance with zoey?

Elliot and Zoey danced in the episode, ''Party 'Till You Mew' which happens to be episode 6. But, If you are looking at the episodes being the preview episode 1st, then this would be episode 7.

In what episode of mew mew power does Elliot kiss Lettuce?

Elliot kisses zoey in episode 36.Bridget does kiss Elliot in the Japanese version in episode 41its a really good episode i think Bridget and Elliot should be come a couple though

What episode in mew mew power does Elliot kiss Bridget?

No no no no no! Elliot likes Zoey remember! I think Zoey and Elliot are a cuter couple! Yes We Know But Elliot And Bridget Do Get Together Eventually. But I Agree - Zoey And Elliot Are A Cuter Couple :( GGR!

What episode does dren kiss zoey on mew mew power?

In the anime Tokyo Mew Mew, Kisshu (Dren) technically kissed Ichigo (Zoey) in episode 3, but there was a flashback of the kiss in episode 4. ^^

Which episode does Elliot kiss zoey in mew mew power?

Episode 37 but it does not come in English because 4kids lost the rights to the show but they have subtitles and he almost kisses her to turn her into a cat. Well actually he did turn her back into a cat but they just didn't show it because they were showing the rest of the Mew Mews spying at the door. Also Wesley almost kissed Zoey to turn her into a human again. What do they all have for Zoey anyway?

Do zoey and Elliot kiss in mew mew power?

Yes and they go out because it turns out that at the end Mark betrayed Zoey and he went out and tried to get rid of Zoey but Elliot stops him and they get married! I found all that out in the Tokyo Mew Mew DVDs and Books!

What episode of Tokyo mew mew did zoey kiss Dren?

episode 3. and its not zoey and dren, its ichigo and kisshu. zoey and dren are from mew mew power. mew mew power is americanised. Tokyo mew mew is the original and also has more episodes. and dren/kisshu kissed zoey/ichigo

Do zoey and Elliot from mew mew power ever be together?

No, they don't. They do kiss though and then Zoey turns into a cat. However, the kiss happens in Tokyo Mew Mew, and they don't show the full kiss. Sorry if that disapointed you! I know a lot of people want them to be together, but there's nothing I can do about that.

Which episode did Zoey kiss Mark in?


What episode of mew mew power do dren and zoey kiss?

Episode 3

What Episode Does Elliot needs to find Zoey On Time?

Well i don't exactly know the episode.. But it's the one where Zoey turns into a cat I'm not much help sorry! :(

Will Elliot and Zoey get together?

I'm sure Elliot is in love with zoey. I'm sure of this because whenever mark is around he is always scowling and is full of mailce, staring down his nose at him. Also, I'm pretty sure they were going to kiss....