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In the anime Tokyo Mew Mew, Kisshu (Dren) technically kissed Ichigo (Zoey) in episode 3, but there was a flashback of the kiss in episode 4. ^^

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Episode 4

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Q: What episode does dren kiss zoey on mew mew power?
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What episode of mew mew power do dren and zoey kiss?

Episode 3

What episode of Tokyo mew mew did zoey kiss Dren?

episode 3. and its not zoey and dren, its ichigo and kisshu. zoey and dren are from mew mew power. mew mew power is americanised. Tokyo mew mew is the original and also has more episodes. and dren/kisshu kissed zoey/ichigo

What episode does dren confess his love?

i dont think he say he in love with zoey but he does kiss her

What episode did Zoey and Dren kiss?

Zoey and Dren kiss in Season 1, Episode 26 of the show "Mew Mew Power" (also known as "Tokyo Mew Mew"). The episode is titled "A New Beginning."

What is the episode when zoey jumps on top of dren in mew mew power?

It's 24.episode!

What episode does zoey knee dren?

On episode 51

Do dren and zoey kiss?

he doesn't tell her, he just shows how much he loves her...

What episode in mew mew power is dren bleeding on a tower thinking about zoey?

its' around on episode 40

What episode of mew mew power does dren try to take zoey away?

he tried to a take zoey but if she doesnt agreed he will kill her

What mew mew power episode is the one where zoey is holding dren in her arms?

Either episode 50, 51, or 52 dren dies :( but he comes back alive yayness :)

What episode of mew mew power does dren help zoey wake up from a nighmare trap?


What episode does dren sneak up on zoey?

ep 4