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Geddy is best known for his guest vocals on the 1981 hit song "Take Off" by Bob and Doug McKenzie (actually Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas). In 1985, he participated in the Canadian session to raise money for poverty in Africa, recording guest vocals on "Tears Are Not Enough." He has also performed music for the comedy film "Trailer Park Boys," and performed on at least one Max Webster song.


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Geddy Lee lives in Toronto, Ontario in Canada!

Geddy Lee was born on July 29, 1953.

Geddy Lee's birth name is Gary Lee Weinrib.

Geddy Lee Weinrib is 63 years old (birthdate: July 29, 1953).

Geddy Lee is the sum of all living things. he is the beginning and he is the end. also he has no talent

Geddy Lee has a wife and kids, and no, he is notgay.

Geddy Lee was born on July 29, 1953.

AnswerGeddy Lee (real name Gary Lee Weinrib) is the lead singer/bassist for the three man Canadian rock band Rush.

The band Rush (Alex Lifeson, Geddy lee, Neil Peart) have released 178 songs in their career, also some early songs with John Rutsey on drums.

Geddy Lee and his wife Nancy have a son named Julian; they also have a daughter named Kyla.

Geddy Lee married his long-time girlfriend Nancy Young in 1976, and they are the parents of a son and a daughter.

Geddy Lee, the lead singer for Rush, has a high-pitched voice, and as a result, some people who do not know much about the band have asked if he is a girl. But Geddy (real first name: Gary) is absolutely a guy.

Yes, one son and one daughter.

While it is difficult to verify, some sources say Geddy Lee is one of the wealthier lead vocalists in rock music, with a net worth estimated at $28 million.

The lead singer is Geddy Lee (real name: Gary Lee Weinrib).

Much to the disappointment of his mother, Geddy Lee did not go to college. He preferred to dedicate himself to his music career. But he made sure both of his children (his son and daughter) went to college.

Geddy Lee (Gary Lee Weinrib) was born and raised Jewish. However, by his own account, he is not religious; his beliefs are closer to Humanism. He likes Jewish food and Jewish culture, but his wife is more observant of holidays and rituals than he is.

Geddy Lee c/o SRO Management189 Carlton StreetToronto, ON M5A 2K7Canada

Not as far as I know. Geddy has a very distinctive appearance, and he is proud of it (as he should be). He has never tried to look different, other than adapting to certain styles of fashion in the 1970s and 1980s. But what you see is the real Geddy.

His total gross earnings in 2009 was about $13.54What's your income?

All fan e-mail for Geddy Lee should by directed to SRO-Anthem:

the year rush was started. rush has always had alex lifeson and geddy lee. in the album rush they didn't have peart. they had a guy named john rutsey and also a guy named Jeff Jones.

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