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Q: In what ocean (s) can dolphins be found?
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Where are dolphins from?

Dolphins can be found anywhere in the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, and the Southern Ocean. (Only some can be found in the Indian ocean somewhat near to India.)

What ocean are dolphins from?

dolphins are found in all oceans

Where were dolphins originally found?

In the ocean.

What is the Fauna found in the ocena?

The animals can be found in the ocean are fishes, dolphins, whales, eels etc.. The animals can be found in the ocean are fishes, dolphins, whales, eels etc..

What dolphins are found in the UK?

Dolphins are found in every single ocean. IN THE water

Are dolphins found in the Indian ocean?


Are dolphins found in Alaska?

No since dolphins are ocean dwelling mammals and Alaska is a landmass

Where do dolphins live in the world?

where are dolphins comonly found? im not sure. its for my biome project. I need an answer

Where can you find pink river dolphins?

well a pink dolphins is mostly found in the indian ocean

What ocean zone are dolphins located in?

Dolphins can be found in a lot of oceans... sadly even japan

Do dolphins live in Virginia?

Not counting the dolphins in captivity, dolphins are found in the Atlantic Ocean off Virginia Beach, and in the Chesapeake Bay.

What kind of food does a dolphin eat?

Most dolphins eat different kinds of fish in the ocean. There are some dolphins that eat mammals found in the ocean.