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Q: In what part of Australia was Ben Hall a bushranger?
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What is Ben Hall's nationality?

Ben Hall was a bushranger in Australia. He was born in New South Wales in 1837.

When was Ben Hall - bushranger - born?

Ben Hall - bushranger - was born in 1837.

When did Ben Hall - bushranger - die?

Ben Hall - bushranger - died in 1865.

Was Ben Hall a wild colonial bushranger or convict bolter?

Ben Hall was a wild colonial bushranger, not a convict bolter.

What were Ben Hall's nicknames?

Ben Hall was known as the "Gentleman bushranger" and also as "Bold Ben Hall".

Was ben hall a bushranger in the goldrush time?

When did Ben hall become a minner

Did Ben Hall the famous bushranger shoot anyone?


Was Ben Hall's father a bushranger?


How do you spell Ben Hall?

The name of Ben Hall, the bushranger, is spelt "Ben Hall". Unlike many other bushrangers, he did not go by another name.

Which bushranger was hanged by the police Ned Kelly or Ben Hall?

Ned Kelly was hanged. Ben Hall was shot.

Did Ben Hall have a nickname?

Ben Hall was known as "Bold Ben Hall", "Brave Ben Hall", and "The Gentleman Bushranger". Ben Hall (1837-1865) was an Australian bushranger (cowboy outlaw) who became a folk hero when he committed robberies and taunted the law enforcement in New South Wales. He was shot and killed (many believed illegally) as a result of murders by other outlaws.

Who was the most famous bushranger other than Ned Kelly?

It is hard to determine who else, apart from Ned Kelly, would be considered Australia's most famous bushranger. Contenders for the title would include Ben Hall, Thunderbolt and 'Mad' Dan Morgan.