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7th period.

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Q: In what period do the elements in the actiniod series belong?
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In what period do the elements in the actinide series belong?

it does not neccicarely have a period, but if you needed one it would be the actinide series! Se it is not a number just the name of the series!

Elements across a series have same number of?

Elements across a series have the same number of atomic energy levels. An elemental series is better known as a period.

A series of rare earths of the sixth period?

There are two series of rare earth elements located in the sixth period of the periodic table. These are the lanthanides and the actinides.

What are the series or period of the periodic table?

The elements in the horizontal rows are called periods.

What is a period or series?

Periods and series are used when grouping elements. Elements are listed in rows, as periods, on the periodic table so that each is grouped with others with similar properties.

What is period in the peripdic table?

Period is called the elements are arranged in a series of rows so that those with similar properties appear in a column.

Which elements belong to the first transition metals series?

scandium, titanium, vanadium, chromium, manganese, iron, cobalt, nickel, copper and zinc.

What is lanthanids?

Lanthanoids is a series of 14 elements starting after lenthanum 57 and it belongs to the 6 period and fblock of the periodic table.

Lanthanum does not belong to lanthanide series actinium does not belong to anthanide series why?

After the IUPAC nomenclature lanthanum is a lanthanoid and actinium is an actinoid.

What is a series of radioactive elements in the periodic table?

The Actinide series includes radioactive elements

Which block on the periodic table contains the actinide series of elements?

The actinide elements are in a row at the bottom of most tables, this entire row being an extension of column 3 of the seventh period.

What elements are inner transition elements?

The inner transition elements are the elements in the f-block of the periodic table. They are the lanthanide series, which are elements 57-71, and the actinide series, which are elements 89-103.

Is actinides a rare earth series?

Actinoids is series of chemical elements; lanthanoids is an other different series.

How many elements are there in the actinoid series?

14 elements.

For a series of elements Does metallic character increase or decrease proceeding left to right across a period?

dunt kno need help with this question

How many elements make up the lanthanide series?

Lanthanide series comprises of elements with atomic no. from 58-71. So, it has 14 elements

What homologous series does butane belong to?


What are the bottom two rows of elements called?

Elements 56 to 71 are called the lanthanide series and elements 89 to 103 are called the actinide series.

The lanthanide series of elements is composed of?

elements 57 - 70.

What is a period or series on the periodic table?

The periodic table is set up as a series of rows and columns. The rows are referred to as the series or the period.

What is difference between group and period in periodic table?

A group is a vertical column in the Periodic Table. In the Periodic Table elements are arranged in a series of rows (or periods)

What chemical series does methane belong to?

Methane is an Alkane.

Who painted the paintings of pink period series?

Pablo Picasso painted the paintings of the pink period series also known as the rose period.

What is the series of rare earth elments in the sixth period?

A series of rare earths of the sixth period is Lanthanide.

What are the elements of 4F series called?

The 4f series is referred to as the Lanthanides.