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Q: In what sport could you get a turkey?
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If you score a turkey what sport are you in?


Who is Turkey's famous athlete?

There are many what sport?

What sport was played first Thanksgiving?

turkey chucking

What is a sport played in turkey?

They play "Killing Armenians"

What sport are you playing if you score turkey?

Football ( soccer )

What sports will turkey compete in?

if you mean someone can get a turkey, your answer is bowling. if you are refering to to another sport there isn't one

What sport is a turkey associated with?

tennis, golf, curling, bowling

Does Turkey have its own special sport?

yes thay play soccer its kind of cool

What State produced most pro athelets?

Turkey, because there is very famous sport club, FENERBAHCE ISTANBUL, in Turkey.. They have many pro athelets.

Where could you go to the 'bayram'?

In Turkey and Azerbaijan it is a festival.

National sport of turkey?

Yağlı güreş. In English, oil wrestling or grease wrestling. The wrestlers participating in the sport douse themselves with olive oil. Hence, the name of the sport.

How do you write paragraph about asport?

you could visit a sport field and observe a game you could read about the sport on the net you could learn to play the sport and write your feelings about it