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The Pocono Mountains are located in Monroe County, Pennsylvania. The mountains are 1,306 acres with rugged terrain and visitors are able to see New York and New Jersey from the summit.

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Where are the Pocono mountains located?

The Pocono Mountains are located in Northeast Pennsylvania in the United States of America. The mountains are mainly located in Pike and Monroe counties.

Where is the pocono islands?

There are no Pocono Islands. There are the Pocono Mountains which is a vacation mecca that is located in northeastern Pennsylvania. Many people just call them the Poconos.

What is the elevation of the Pocono Mountains?

The Pocono Mountains are located in Pennsylvania. It is a popular tourist attraction and vacation spot for many. Its elevation is 2693 feet or 821 meters.

When was Big Pocono State Park created?

Big Pocono State Park was created in 1954.

What is Pocono mountains?

It is a mountain area in eastern Pennsylvania.

What are the major mountains in Pennsylvania?

The Pocono and Allegheny Mts.

Where is IGC gymnastics?

IGC is in the Pocono mountains in Pennsylvania

Where the pocono mountains are located?

The Pocono Mountains are located in Northeastern Pennsylvania. The Poconos is a 2400 square mile region that extends to the New Jersey and New York borders.

Why is Pennsylvania cosidered a place of hills and valleys?

The Appalachian Mountains--with the Allegheny Mountains and Pocono Mountains--make high elevations and deep valleys. But the whole state has rolling hills and steep cliffs.

What are 6 mountains in the US?

North Carolina Mountains, Colorado Mountains, Rocky Mountains, Bear Paw Mountains, Pocono Mountains and Appalachian Mountains.

Where can romantics visit Caesar's resort in the Pocono Mountains?


Does the Pocono Mountains have a curse?

NO Hopefully not they are cursed enough for their lack of elevation.

Pocono Mountains highest point above sea level?


What is the most popular sleepaway camp in the Pocono Mountains?

Camp Lohikan

How long does it take to drive from Pittsburgh to Pocono mountains?

about 5 hours

What keystone state is home to the Pocono Mountains?

Pennsylvania Seeing as how you posted this in "Pennsylvania" I'd hope you'd know that the 'Keystone State' is, well, Pennsylvania - home to the lower Poconos.

What are three famous mountains in Pennsylvania?

There are three famous mountains in Pennsylvania. These mountains are Blue Mountain, Allegheny Mountain, and Appalachian Mountain. These mountains are all in the Appalachian Mountains and the Pocono Mountains.

What is the largest indoor waterpark in PA?

Great Wolf Lodge in the Pocono Mountains.

Where are Canada's Appalachian mountains?

The Appalachian Mountains are in New York. The Rocky Mountains are what you are talking about. Those are in Canada, In Western Canada. Specifically the Province VictoriaAdded: The Appalachian Mountains extend from Maryland southwards to South Carolina/Georgia. It is the CATSKILL Mountains in New York State, and the POCONO Mountains in Pennsylvania.

What 3 major interstate highways to Pocono Mountains?

Pa i-76, i-81, i-80

Where did the cayuga live?

In what is now the upper central area of New York state - basically in the area of the Pocono mountains. They are/were a branch of the Iriquois nation. See below link:

What is the principal mountain range in the eastern US?

The principal mountain range in the eastern U.S. are the Appalachian Mountains. There are other lesser ranges, such as the Pocono Mountains, the Allegheny Mountains, the Blue Ridge Mountains, and the Adirondack Mountains.

Where are the Appalachian mountains in Pennsylvania located?

The Appalachian Mountains run almost diagonally across the state, extending from New York through West Virginia and Virginia. Note within the Appalachian range are several separate areas called by other names such as the Allegheny Mountains, The Pocono Mountains, and The Blue Ridge Mountains (which extend into Virginia).

What are the major geographical features in Pennsylvania?

The Pocono mountains are one of the most major geographical features in Pennsylvania !

What is the name of one of the landforms in Pennsylvania?

Natural landforms in Pennsylvania include:The Grand Canyon of PennsylvaniaThe Appalachian MountainsAs part of The Appalachian Mountain chain are The Allegheny Mountains and The Pocono Mountains.