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There is nothing illegal about learning a martial art. There are kung fu schools all over the place in the United States.

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All of them

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Q: In what states are Kung Fu stars illegal?
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In which states is it legal to possess Kung Fu stars?

Chinese stars are illegal everywhere.

Who teached Kung Fu?

Master Shifu

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What is real Kung Fu?

Kung fu comes from China. Shaolin monks teach real kung fu there.

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I love kung fu movies!

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Is it Kung Fu-tse or Kung Futse?

It is Kung fu-tzu or Kung fu-tse. The modern and more widely used romanization variant is Kong Fuzi.

What is the forerunner of kung-fu?

Some think the oldest for of Kung Fu is called Sua Chao (sp?) a Mongolian form of kung fu.