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I think the unicorn was first reported sometime in the 1600's or maybe the 1700's. ~Kidiu


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what time oxygen time period was 1774

unicorn land. it was also discovered by brodie the unicorn in 1945

Chuck Norris, of course.

Greek and Romans stuff was discovered in the Renaissance time period.

The person who discovered the first unicorn, his name was Percy Spencer and he was a new zealander, he first discovered it in 1903 when climbing mount Everest

There has never been such a bird as the phoenix. It is a mythical creature, like the unicorn and centaur.

You cannot breed a unicorn from a horse that is not a unicorn on the game. Both parents must be unicorns, of the same breed and covered at the correct time (Game time).

You breed a unicorn. Period.

in chi chi bunny fu fu land. it was discovered during the unicorn age

The period of time right after Columbus discovered America

In fantasy land, you would take a male unicorn and a female unicorn and let them spend a little time together.

Tap dancing was not just simply discovered. It was, like all other types of dance, created over a period of time.

Liopleurodonbasically a dinosaur from the middle Jurassic period.

Banana pudding was discovered by the great explorer Melinda Skaggs in 1532 completely by mistake. She was on a quest searching for the elusive Unicorn when she came across what looked to be Unicorn blood. However, after dipping her finger in the liquid and tasting it, she noticed it tasted an awful lot like bananas. In the distance, Melinda could faintly see one of the illusory beast licking from the same type of puddle. She knew instantly that this was no pool of Unicorn blood, but in fact, was a magical "pudding" as she called it. Within this pudding, Melinda saw round saucer-like cookies. She later found out that these were Nilla Wafers. The wafers, once eaten by the Unicorn, gave them the ability to sail across the sky, trailing rainbows from its butt! From that point was known as Banana Pudding!

UNICORN BREEDING:A regular horse can not be changed into a unicorn, it must be born as a unicorn. your horse cannot become a unicorn, u must buy a unicorn and then breed it the breeding time that you choose am/pm, but it only has 1/5 of a chance.The foal's parents have to be bred at exactly the the breeding time you chose , both parents must be unicorns of the same breed to get a unicorn.The exact quote directly from Howrse is..."The unicorn is an equine that has a horn on its forehead. The horn gives it a dressage bonus. To successfully give birth to a unicorn foal, both of its parents have to be unicorns of the same breed, and reproduction must take place at XX:XX or XX:XX Game Time. If this is the case, you have one out of 5 chances of giving birth to a unicorn. To cover a unicorn for the first time, you must wait at least 10 hours after its conception. You must also wait at least 10 hours between any two coverings of the same unicorn."the X's stand for your breeding time!Good luck and happy howrseing!Mally223(on Howrse)

The are four the basic white unicorn, the pegacorn ( Pegasus Unicorn combo ), A nubby-corn (a unicorn with a short horn) and a rainacorn with is a rainbow unicorn (seen on adventure time.) Those are the four basic unicorns.

A long time ago. It go's the whole back to alchemy when it was more commonly known as quick silver. Because of its long history it is hard to say when it was first discovered.

You must have a female unicorn, then you click cover my mare choose a stallion unicorn the same breed, do it at the right time and you'll have 1/5 chance of a Unifoal! :D

It wasn't discovered, it was built over a period of centuries.

Never. Unicorns don't exist.

Any unicorn can be tamed by any virgin who cares to take the time and make the proper effort. The unicorn will come to her and lie down. This however isn't a permanent conditions. Last for only a couple of hours at best. The unicorn remains a wild creature.

Robot unicorn attack on adult swim is a unicorn game.

the Devonian Period is commonly called the Age of Fishes because it was the time where the first boney fishes fossil were discovered

The mare has to be a unicorn first. The circumstances are that:The mare must be a unicornThe mare must be covered at the correct time (shown in the reproduction tab & this time can be changed every 30 days)The stallion must be a unicorn of the same breedEven if you meet all these circumstances, you will only have 1/5 of a chance to give birth to a unicorn, it is mainly just luck. Keep trying until you get it.

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