A white horse with a horn on its forehead which serves as a symbol in mythology.

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Fables and Folklore

What is a pegasus with a unicorn horn?

A Pegacorn. Another popular term is "alicorn"


Is the crow the loudest bird in the world?

No. It does not even make the list of the five loudest birds in the world.

The loudest birds are "oil birds", which live in caves and navigate via echolocation. The sounds they make can range up to 100 decibels and this sound is exaggerated because they nest in the thousands. The next loudest birds a re all species of parrots. See the related link below for information on which species of parrots are the loudest.


Are unicorns real?

it is real if u want it to be. u dont need the opinions of others :)


Why is my zombie licking my unicorn?

Your unicorn probably had some brains stuck in his fur, possibly from running through a rough section of zombieland. Your zombie is merely trying to nourish himself. A thorough cleaning of the unicorn should solve the problem.


Will there be a charlie the unicorn 4?

yes ofcourse it will called the great singing dounut of walabalabingbang


How do unicorns protect them selves?

Unicorns protect themselves by using the horns on their heads. Their horns contian magic... they also use there bodies(hooves, teeth, strength, etc;) like horses... they r very similair to horses.... the closest breed is a mix of Arabian and Fresian. This breed of Unicorn is the most common... although there are millions of breeds. Unicorns, though almost always white or light gray, come in many color. These creatures... although fragile looking... are very strong and able to fight.


What is a group of unicorns called?

A group of unicorns is collectively known as a blessing.


Do unicorns fly or do they walk on rainbows?

While magical creatures Unicorns cannot to fly however they can walk on rainbows.

Pegasi can fly not Unicorns.


Is there any proof that unicorns exist?

Hunters have searched but no proof, DNA or anything to do with a unicorn has been found so to answer your question no


Never mind proof, there is no evidence that unicorns exist (or existed) at all. In the philosophy of science there is no such thing as proof, only refutation or the build-up of supportive evidence. Narwhals and oryx are often implicated to explain the inspiration with which humans conjured the unicorn myth. But narwhals and oryx (the silhouette of which looks like a single horned animal) are not unicorns. Evolutionarily, there is presumably nothing to stop a perissodactyl (horses, tapirs and rhinoceroses) evolving a horn. If rhinoceroses have horns, perhaps the horse family can too. The fact is that the horse family just doesn't (and never did as far as we know) have horns.

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What do you call the third book in a series?

The third book in a series. Duhhh


Why does Laura say about the broken horn on the unicorn Maybe it's a blessing in disguise?

because you touch yourself at night.


How do you make a unicorn out of paper?

You could make it by getting a piece of construction or printer paper.

First, you want to have scissors, glue, and the paper. Cut out a horn. Then a head, a tail, legs, a body, and if youwant, wings. Thenjust glue them all together!

Or you could just, type in on Google, unicorn body parts cutouts. Then, cut it out and glue it together, or look up, how to make a unicorn out of paper.


How long do unicorns live for?

Since unicorns don't actually exist, they live as long as the author writing the story wants them to. For some, they have about the same lifespan as an ordinary horse while in other writings they may have lifespans of centuries or may even be immortal.


How do you take care of your unicorn?

1. Feed it loads of skittles each day.

2. clean up its rainbow poop.

3. have a kind leprechaun groom its fur.

4. before putting it to sleep you must dance with it in tutus until he or she is exhausted and falls asleep.

If you follow all these steps correctly, than you will have very healthy and happy unicorn.


What is the normal weight of a unicorn?

No one really knows the weight of a unicorn because unicorns are believed to be fictional creatures.

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How much is a plate from lady and the unicorn Robert haviland limoges collection worth?

From what I've seen on Ebay, not very much. Perhaps 40 dollars for mint condition.


What should you name your peace unicorn?

you should name your peace unicorn peaceful

Fables and Folklore

What is a unicorn?

A unicorn is a horse with a horn.


When did unicorns go extinct?

Unicorns never existed to begin with.


What do unicorns represent?

Unicorns represent Christ, Purity, Fantasy, Imagination, Innocence, Beauty and so much more.


Where would you find unicorns?

yes they live in imagination land with flying turtles and a man who farts where he burps and burps where he farts


Can a hippocami have a unicorn horn?

Hippocampi usually have a horse's forehand and a fish's tail, rather like an equine mermaid. The traditional hippocampus does not have a unicorn's horn; however I have heard of a "hippocampicorn", a hippocampus with a unicorn's horn. Hippocampi are the traditional, hornless creatures. And, incidentally, fabulous.


What are good names for a purple unicorn?

answer by http://wiki.answers.com/Q/User:Boynton_Resident---Pasty. you may also name it after the drugs you ate right before you saw said purple unicorn.

OR my answer ( http://wiki.answers.com/Q/User:Mr.qwerty) --i dont know-- but for webkinz or something like that i would choose something unique- not something like sparkles! (or pasty if i think about it)

maybe Cassiopeia, Aurora, Raziele, Inara, Lothiriele or Eluna

Star Wars Movies

Where is the pink unicorn of Chewbacca?

In the magical cave on the planet Kashyyyk. Scientist found the remains of a half eaten minstyngar in the cave in 1986. The discovery led to an investigation lasting more than 10 years searching for the mysterious creature that would only eat half of such a delicacy. In 1997 scientist found the unicorn in the magical cave located northeast ofRwookrrorro.


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