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Q: In what trimester does the embryo develop brainwaves and a beating heart?
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In what trimester of pregnancy does the embryo develop brainwaves and a beating heart?

second trimester

In which trimester of pregnancy does the embryo develop brainwaves and a beating heart?

The heart begins to beat at the end of 3 weeks. Our 'reptilian brain' develops within the first two months, but our conscious thought does not develop until six months into the pregnancy.

In which trimester does the following occur A sac called a placenta forms around the embryo and is connected to the embryo with an umbilical cord.?


The embryo most important developments occur within the first?


How does the brains of a child develop in the womb?

In the first three weeks, the embryo has formed the forebrain, the midbrain and the hindbrain. In your second trimester, the major structures of the brain are in place and functioning. From this point the brain and organs continue to develop.

How does a bear embryo develop?

The same way that a human embryo or any other mammalian embryo does.

What period of pregnancy does the baby develop the most rapidly?

Pregnancy is broken down into three trimesters. The baby develops most rapidly during the first trimester (weeks 1-13). The baby starts off as a collection of cells that develop into an embryo. At 8 weeks, the embryo is called a fetus because the baby resembles a human. At this time, all major organs and systems have been formed. During the second trimester (weeks 14-26), the organs and systems start to mature. During the third trimester (week 27-40), the baby starts to pack on the pounds.

Is it a false pregnancy if the embryo does not develop?

If there was an actual embryo, it was not a false pregnancy.

Where the embryo grows and develop?

An embryo grows and develops in a females womb.

When does the embryo form A. At the end of the first trimester B. A few days after fertilization C. At the end of the third trimester D. In the second trimest?


What movement does an embryo or fetus during each trimester?

none what so ever :D

Where does the embryo develop in a giraffe?

in her uterus