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Maize is grown in well-drained fertile soil.

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Q: In what type of soil maize plant is grown?
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In which type of soil is maize grown?

well drained fertile soil

How do you grow maise in South Africa?

Maize is a type of sweet corn that is grown in South Africa. To grown the maize, you will need to sow the soil and place the seed in a hole three times as big as the seed. The best time to plant the seed in South Africa is from September to November.

What type of plant is young maize plant?

Maize plant is a monocot belonging to grass family. It is C4 plant metabolically.

What soil type do you need to grow maize?

Maize grows best in well-drained, fertile soil with a pH level between 5.8 and 7.0. It prefers sandy loam or loamy soils that are rich in organic matter and nutrients. A soil that is deep, loose, and has good water-holding capacity is ideal for growing maize.

Wherein the world is maize grown?

Maize is a type of corn and is originally from Central America. However, it can be grown anywhere there are adequate conditions. not really its gay gay gay

Is maize herb or shrub?

Wheat (the plant) is, as Cycling-rod says, a cereal grain, which is a type of grass grown for its "fruit". It's definitely not a shrub (a small to medium sized woody plant). It's also not an herb in the culinary sense (a plant grown for its aromatic or savory leaves or flowers), though it is a "herbaceous plant" in the botanical sense (a plant with no persistent woody stem above ground).

In which type of soil is ragi grown?

alluvial soil

In which type of soil is millet grown?

clayey soil

In what type of soil is jowar grown?

It is grown in red soil.

What happens if plants are grown in bad soil?

Mostly, plants grown in bad soil fail to germinate properly and it also fails in gaining necessary nutrients essential for the plants growth. But this entirely relies on what type of plant.

In which type of soil is bajra grown?

dry and sandy soil

What determines which types of plants grow where?

The atmospheric conditions , soil determines what type of plant is grown. The intensity of rainfall is also considered.