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Q: In what way can the meningococcal meningitis vaccine taken by a pregnant woman affect the fetus?
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Does alcohol affect the meningococcal meningitis vaccine?

No, there are no drug interactions between alcohol and the meningococcal vaccine.

Does swine flu affect pregnant women?

Pregnant women are considered in the risk group so they should get the vaccine.

What percentage of the world does meningitis affect?

Meningitis is all over the world. Y Meningitis is all over the world. Y

What is the definition of shingles vaccine side effects?

The vaccine is not a life threatening vaccine. At most, it'll affect your eyesight. It will affect the face and eyes but very rarely will affect your actual face.

What organs does meningitis affect?


What body systems does meningitis disease affect?

The brain. I believe meningitis means "swelling of the brain lining."

What body part does meningitis affect?

the brain.

Who does meningitis mostly affect?

teenager and children

Can you drink alcohol after the cervical cancer vaccine?

Alcohol does not affect the cervical cancer vaccine. There are no dietary restrictions after any vaccine.

Would alcohol affect the kidney after hepatatis B vaccine?

No. Neither alcohol nor hep B affect the kidney. Hep B infection and alcohol both affect the liver but the vaccine is not a live vaccine so it does not.

What part of the organism does meningitis affect?

The Brain and Spinal Cord.

Could a female become infertile with the HPV vaccination?

The HPV vaccine does not affect fertility. HPV also does not affect fertility. Treatment of severe HPV on the cervix can affect fertility, and this severe disease is prevented by the HPV vaccine. Therefore, HPV vaccine can preserve fertility.

Can the HPV vaccine affect your period?

I'm sure it does because I'm late lol and I had the shot 2 weeks ago. I'm never late and I'm not pregnant so it's the shot!

Can men trying to conceive get the chickenpox vaccine?

Yes why not?The live vaccine does not affect the testis sperm production

Does the morning after pill affect the HPV vaccine?


How does meningitis affect your skin?

bad headaches, stiff neck and vomiting a lot..

Does the H1N1 vaccine affect the reproductive system?

No. It is approved for use in pregnant women (and encouraged since they are a high risk group), so the FDA doesn't think there is any adverse effect to the reproductive system.

Can you vaccinate for rabies in nursing pets?

You can vaccinate the mother. The babies need to be at least 4 monhts old before their immune system can handle a Rabies vaccine. Do not vaccinate a pregnant animal with Rabies. It can affect the unborns.

How does meningitis affect cerebral spinal fluid flow?

damaging or killing neurons and neuroglia in the affected areas

Can you be pregnant and not like to eat?

they dont want to eat maybe that is an affect that means your pregnant They Dont Want To Eat Maybe That Is An Affect That Means Your Pregnant

How does chickenpox affect a pregnant woman and her child?

It is advised that pregnant women who haven't had chickenpox and haven't had the vaccine avoid contact with anyone who has chickenpox as it can be fatal to the fetus or can cause birth defects. To be on the safe side I would check with your doctor.A fetus infected from its mother by Varicella zoster virus may develop pocks that can cause limb deformities early in development.

Can you get pregnant even if you had HPV?

hpv does not make it harder to get or stay pregnant and it should not affect the health of your future babies. the presence of hpv itself should not affect your ability to get pregnant.

Does weight affect vaccine dosage in dogs?

No it does not. The same dosage is given to large as to small dogs.

My dog is shaking and will not eat after rabies vaccine is that normal?

Im pretty sure that it's just a side affect... Because my dog was doing the same thing after rabies vaccine and now its fine.

What are the chances of getting pregnant while drinking?

Drinking does not affect getting pregnant. In order to get pregnant, a woman must have intercourse. If the males sperm (released after ejaculation) fertilizes the females egg during sex then she can become pregnant. Drinking will not affect conception.