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During the middle kingdom, the power of the nobility greatly declined. Most of the power was taken over by the vizierate.

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Q: In what way did the social classes ofancient Egypt change during the middle kingdom?
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Whats did not cause social classes to appear during the Old Kingdom?

Sumerian influences

How did the social classes change during the renaissance?

A middle class was created

How did the Egyptian society change during the middle kingdom?

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How did the Egyptian government change during the middle kingdom?

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What change occured during the old kingdom the middle kingdom and the new kingdom?

they had many diffrent things During the Middle Kingdom, more people became merchants and craftspeople. Old Kingdom, there were two levels: kings (pharaoh) and farmers. During the New Kingdom, began to refer the king as a god-king or pharaoh which means "great house."

Why did Egypt experience the period of change during the middle Kingdom?

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What caused social classes to appear during the old kingdom?

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Why did Egypt experience a period of change during the middle middle kingdom?

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How did Egypt grow and change during the new Kingdom?

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During what kingdom did kings become know as pharaohs?

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