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It was the politics of hate and bigotry that created an environment where the Holocaust could exist.


The key factor was ideological fanaticism, which had nothing to do with rational political calculation.

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How is the holocaust related to people with disabilities?

It is not. It is related to how the Nazis treated people with disabilities. The way that the Nazis murdered disbled people was used in many of the camps in the Holocaust.

How is World War 2 related to the Holocaust?

World War II isn't related to the Holocaust because the Holocaust was one of the events in World War II.

How was the Holocaust involved in the genocide?

The Holocaust was genocide. See the related question.

How is art related to politics?

Art is not related to politics in my opinion unless the artist ment for it to.

What country may cause a nuclear holocaust?

This is politics, not science or engineering

How are power and politics related?

power is the son of politics

What did soldiers where in the Holocaust?

the same as ever, they did not change dress for Holocaust related duties.

How is democracy related to the word politics?

Democracy is a form of politics.

When was the Jewish Holocaust fought?

The Holocaust wasn't a war. Please see the related questions.

What to bring to the Holocaust?

The Holocaust is not some Jewish festival. Please see the related question.

How is the Holocuast related to the treaty of Versailles?

The Holocaust is not related to the Treaty of Versailles.

How are the holocaust and the Treaty of Versailles related?

Please see the related question.

Why is the holocaust denied?

Have a look at the related question.

Adolf Hitler and the Holocaust?

Yes the two are related since Adolf Hitler was the architect of the Holocaust.

What did the conflict start in the holocaust?

The Holocaust was not a conflict. It was nass murder. Please see the related question.

Where can you find pictures of the Holocaust?

See the related links below.There are some amazing pictures of the Holocaust in the book called A Pictorial History of the Holocaust

Where was the war for the Holocaust?

There was no "war for the holocaust" - and the Holocaust took place mainly in Poland and the former Soviet Union.---Please see the related questions.

How would you feel if one of the people killed in the holocaust were related to you?

i am related and i am proud

How are the human rights act and the Holocaust related?

after the Holocaust it was realised that crimes of this nature had no actual laws defining them.

What happens if Hitler won the Holocaust?

You are confusing the Holocaust with World War 2. See related question.

Politics can be defined as?

Politics can be defined as the actions and ideas in the political sphere. Politics are things related to the governance of a people.

How was the Holocaust the fault of the US?

The Holocaust was not the fault of the US! It is sometimes said that the US and their Allies did not do much (or anything) to stop the Holocaust. See the related question.

What are ABCs of the Holocaust?

The ABC's of the Holocaust are words related to the Holocaust in the order of the alphabet. For example, the first ones are Anne Frank, Buchenwald, and concentration camps.

What has the author Ilan Avisar written?


How is The Holocaust and The Crucible by Arthur Miller related?

it isn't

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