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In what way was the Holocaust accomplishd?

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Systematically, deceptivaley, methodically and efficienty.

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Was there any way to escape from the HOLOCAUST?


How does slavery relate to the Holocaust?

Jews were slaves in ancient Egypt in a simiar way to the Holocaust. Only the other aspects of the Holocaust make it unrelateable.

Who were the Jews that were persecuted during the Holocaust?

Every Jew was persecuted in some way during the Holocaust.

Why is the holocaust resonant?

It is not. The Holocaust is what it is, no matter who is learning about it in the present, if that is the way on which it impacts upon you, then fair enough, but that is in the reciever, not the sender.

Was there a way to stop the holocaust?

yes, it was by no means inevitable

One way of transportation during the Holocaust?


What was in it for denying the holocaust?

It is one way of getting attention.

How were rich Jews treated in the Holocaust?

They were treated in the same way as other Jews: one couldn't buy oneself out of the Holocaust.

How were people murdered in the holocaust?

In almost every way imaginable.

How were Jews victims in the holocaust?

They were victims in the way that they were persecuted and killed.

How were wealthy Jews treated different form poor Jews in the Holocaust?

In the Holocaust itself rich and poor Jews were treated alike: they were slaughtered. (One could not buy one's way out of the Holocaust).

What was the date when the US helped in the Holocaust?

The US did not help in the Holocaust. The Germans did have foreign divisions in the SS, the Ukrainians were notorious for helping with the Holocaust in Auschwitz. The only way in which the US helped was by rejecting fleeing Jews.

What happened to the gypsies after the holocaust?

They went back to their old way of life. they had to,

One way the allies dealt with the Holocaust?

One way through which the allies dealt with the holocaust is to dismantle the weapons, tools and the propaganda machinery being used by its perpetrators. WWII was a fight against the Nazi.

Who did the holocaust help shape postmodern thoughts?

The Holocaust and the way that it was recorded showed that there had to be an alternative to empiricism and the postmodern movement was somewhat halted. What the Holocaust did do was create a new marker, a standard to which many things, before and after are compared to.

What do you mean by the terms 1st and second generation holocaust survivors?

2nd generation is just a lazy and insulting way to say the children of Holocaust survivors.

Did Hitler think the Holocaust was a good idea?

yes Hitler thought the holocaust was a good idea because then that way he could get rid of the whole race he was trying to get rid of in the first place but in a faster and easier way.

Why was Bob Hope a hero during the holocaust?

Bob Hope was not a hero of the Holocaust. He was in no way involved. During this period he worked for the USO providing entertainment and morale boosting shows for the US army, who also had nothing to do with the Holocaust.

How do you use Holocaust in a sentence?

You could use: "Visiting the holocaust museum was a great way to get a hands-on learning experience about the era." --if that's even what you were trying to ask... :]

Why did the Holocaust end the way it did?

there was no choice; the Allies had decided that they would make no extra efforst to stop the Holocaust, it would end naturally when the military conquest arrived.

How is the holocaust related to people with disabilities?

It is not. It is related to how the Nazis treated people with disabilities. The way that the Nazis murdered disbled people was used in many of the camps in the Holocaust.

What significant proof is there that the Holocaust did NOT happen?

The Holocaust DID happen- and there's no way you can possibly say it didn't. The concentration camps are still there as memorials. There are people who were THERE in the camps that are still alive today, and there's no way to fake the Holocaust pictures. --- The arguments produced by Holocaust deniers consist largely of picking over the accounts of survivors for trivial discepancies. Others are downright dishonest and fake counter evidence.

What was the significance of the Nuremberg Laws?

they legalized anti-semitism, paving the way for the holocaust

Significance of Nuremberg laws?

they leagalized anti semtisim paving the way for the holocaust.

Note one way the allies dealt with the holocaust?

they held a memorial in 1946.