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The coding of our DNA (the correlation of the base pairs to the amino acids) is identical.

They're our ancestors.

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Q: In what ways are a human and a bacterium related?
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Does bacterium have eukaryotic or prokarotic cells?

Bacterium are prokaryotic cells.

What will a bacterium produce when a human gene is added to its genome?

the human protein coded for by the human gene

What bacterium causes AIDS?

AIDS is not caused by bacterium. It is caused by a virus called HIV (human immunodeficiency virus)

What bacterium maintains human health by aiding in digestion?

Escherichia coli

Why is it necessary for bacteria to be able to withstand fluctuations in temperature within the human body?

A bacterium's cell membrane allows it to withstand fluctuations in temperature within the human body. This is necessary in order for the bacterium to survive in that environment.

Is bacterium a broad spectrum antibiotic?

There is no antibiotic called as bacterium. So there is no question of it's being called as broad spectrum or narrow spectrum antibiotic. Bacterium is a term related to bacteria, a type of micro-organism.

Does bacterium and a human have different requirements for life?

No because bacterium and a humen have the same requirements for life they both need cells tooh make up there substance....

What kind of bacterium would be most likely found in the human stomach?


What happens when a scientists puts a normal human insulin gene in the DNA of a bacterium?

The insulin is slowly transformed into the bacterium as C6H12O6 is combined with the insulin to create this product. I know, I'm a biologist.

Why is a bacterium still functional after human DNA is placed in it?

Because no vital DNA is taken out of the bacterium and also these bacteria do not die easily. A subtle protrusion through the cell membrane will not killl the bacteria.

Which organism lives in the human intestine and aids in the digestive system?

Study Island Answer: the bacterium Escherichia coli.

How does pathogenic salmonella bacterium enter the human body by overcoming the bodys natural defenses?

through the digestive system.