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In what ways did World War 2 help people?

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first of all it stopped the world from being taken over by a crazy guy named Hitler

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In what ways did World War I help American workers?

in what ways did world war 1 help American workers

How did american help pay for world war two?

The American's help pay for World War 2 in many ways. American's put a sending budget to help.

What ways did the US help the allies win world war 1?

Militarily and with war production and its assets as the "bread basket" of the world.

How did the black people help in World War 1 and World War 2?

No fat chicks

What are ways we can help war?

We should concentrate on ways to prevent the catastrophe of war.

Why did the countries not react when Germany attacked in World War 2?

They did! When diplomatic ways didn't help, they declared war on Germany!

How did World War 2 help people get back to work?

to get people to eat

What did the airplanes do to help people in World War 1?

they didn't. they killed people.

Did people in Egypt help in world war 2?

yes =] NOT

How did the people on Minnesota's home front help support the civil war?

In what ways did minnesota support the war effort in ww2

How did people in the United States help in World War 1?


How did propaganda help people in world war 2?

they farted alot

How did they help the injured people in World War 2?

they didn't =p

What effects did World War I have on Australian society?

World War One affected everyone living at that time in different ways and was many people did not know what they were in for

How did this impact the people of Portsmouth?

because they looked after people on world war to thats why they had to help homeless people.

How did the World War 1 weapons effect how the war was fought?

it help kill a lot more people == ==

What was the world's reaction to the Vietnam war?

The world reacted in various different ways to the Vietnam War. For example, in the USA, some people protested the war.

How did Kansas help in World War 2?

They had volunteers and people got drafted.

Why is World War 1 called as the Great War?

world war s called as the great as it was the first war in which all 3 ways air,land and water were used . this war also had a great impact on people and the resources available in the world.

What were World War 2 posters for?

To encourage people to be brave, help with the war effort at home or enlist in the Army.

What are 3 ways world war 2 effected the land and people in Europe?

death,maiming and disease.

How did the US try to help European nations devastated by World War 1?

The US tried to help European nations that were devastated by World War 1 in various ways. There was so much money spent by the US government to help in rebuilding this nations and stabilizing their economies.

Nurses in World War 2?

they would nurse people in hospital and in need of there help

Did service dogs help people in World War 1?

no stupid they helped bananas

How did the atomic bomb help in World War 2?

it killed 225k+ people in japan.