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Q: In what ways does the matter affect our lives?
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How do floods affect us?

it affect us in many ways like our lives and food supply

How does e marketing affect people in their daily life?

In what ways do marketing affect the lives of people?

How do changes in matter affect your lives?

Matter affects us in that we are created out of matter and everything we touch is also made of matter. Matter is everywhere in the universe and everything we use is made from some type of matter.

How did bible change people's lives?

The bible affect the lives of christians today?The bible affect the lives of christians today?

What 3 ways did exponential growth in the human population affect people lives?

Figure it out

How does imagination affects your daily lives?

There are many ways in which imagination can affect daily lives. Imagination can lead to creative problem solving for example.

How did Einstein's inventions affect others' lives?

it effected others in many ways: IT DIDNT HELP AT ALL

How does the sun affect your daily lives in unexpected ways?

it gives us the heat we need to stay warm

How do landforms affect daily life?

Landforms can affect our daily lives in multiple ways. For example, you might have to cross a bridge over a river in your commute.

In what ways did powerful priests affect the Mississippian Indian's lives?

The priests were in charge of their towns, so they controlled everyone.

Ways to test if the size of a ball has a effect on how far it goes?

Yes , the affect of the ball does matter of how far it goes.

How does destroyed vegetation affect other animals' lives?

Animals need the vegetable matter to eat and sometimes to build their homes.