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Q: In what ways were the positive changes accomplished by Reconstruction diminished over time?
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What positive changes occurred during reconstruction?

S**T happened

What piece of legislation represents the political and social changes?


What changes occurred during Reconstruction?

S**T happened

What are the aftereffects of war?

Reconstruction; and sometimes new laws & policy changes.

What changes took place in America following the civil war?


Which party was the conservative party in the South who opposed the changes implemented by Radical Reconstruction?

The conservative Southern party that opposed the changes of Reconstruction was known as the Whigs. While the party itself was defunct before the Civil War even began, the Whig ideology persisted in policymaking into Reconstruction.

What are three changes that occur during the process of aging?

slowing of metabolism, wrinkles, diminished eye sight

What economic changes occurred during the Reconstruction Era of the United States?


Distinguish between internal and external reconstruction?

INTERNAL RECONSTRUCTION- when the name of the co. remain as before but changes are made in assets and liabilities of the co. and entries are made in the books of the co. of such changes and balance sheet is amended it is called internal reconstruction. EXTERNAL RECONSTRUCTION- when such heavy changes are not possible or new capital is to be issued or there is much dissent among shareholders or by changing the name of the co. , an effort is made to give new life to the co. the co. is liquidated and a new co. is formed to purchase the assets and liabilities of old co. ,it is called external reconstruction.

How can you force a physical change in matter?

Physical, or state changes are usually accomplished with heating or cooling

How will you accept these changes in puberty?

You have to look at the changes in a positive light. They are the important and good changes that are taaking place in your body.

What changes occurred for blacks during the 1920s?

Positive changes resulted from the Harlem Renaissance.