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In what year did Italians migrate to the us?


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Because of starvation and disease that were killing people and there was barely any jobs

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From the year 1906 to 1915, as much as 2 million Italians migrated.

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In or about the year of 1870 was when Italians first came to Australia. Many young Italians who planned to immigrate to the US, ended up choose Australia instead.

Italians immigrated to the United States because at the time American was a booming country known for their industrialization , strength and "freedom".

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The largest immigrant group in the US are Mexicans, of which about 800,000 Mexicans migrate to the US every year.

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Most Italians have settled in New York, and Chicago, Il.

The Italians came to America by boat because Italy is over the ocean where the U.S is

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Italian immigrants came to America just as others from different countries, on a boat. Once reaching New York and registering, they were able to migrate to different parts of the US, making a home for themselves.

Italians immigrated to the United States because there was poverty, bad wages, high taxes, and overcrowding. In the north there was a spread of pellagra, which causes you to go insane and then die. And in the south there was malaria, which was once just on the coastline but due to all the deforestation that was going o, it spread up farther inland. Italians would also come over to America because they wanted to have the right to vote.

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