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PartnerRe Ltd. (PRE)had its IPO in 1993.


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The symbol for PartnerRe Ltd. in the NYSE is: PRE.

As of July 2014, the market cap for PartnerRe Ltd. (PRE) is $5,510,921,566.18.

A pre IPO is when a portion of an initial public offering (IPO) is placed with private investors right before the IPO is scheduled to hit the market. The private investors in a pre-IPO placement are large private equity or hedge funds.

Pre IPO placement is a private investors that is in training. There is a few steps you have to take to become a full time private investor.

IPO means Initial Public Offering - in other words not floated on the stock market

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Equity Syndication is a group of investors in a held together by a bookmaker that determines opening (IPO) price for an equity based upon closed bidding by a group of participating investors (the syndicate). The syndicate are allocated the shares they bid for and won and take a commensurate profit/loss if the price goes up or down during the IPO. Essentially a pre IPO price discovery process that determines the IPO price of the equity. It is a process for price discovery, hedge risk of the initial fixed price offering, and generate cash before an IPO. Twitter - @Dancest8r

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The LTD part is just the name of the car, it doesn't mean anything special. Pre-1983, Ford called this car the "LTD." From 1983 to 1991 the name became the "LTD Crown Victoria." Then starting in 1992 it was just called the "Crown Victoria." If it is an LX model (not xl, I don't know what that means), the VIN code should include P74. That denotes that the car was the optioned-out version, not the base model and not a fleet model.

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Pre-IPO Transformation Stage The pre-IPO transformation stage is a restructuring phase when a private company sets the groundwork for becoming publicly-traded. Since the main focus of public companies is to maximize shareholder value, the company should acquire management that has experience doing that. Furthermore, companies should reexamine their organizational processes and policies. They must make the necessary changes to enhance the company's corporate governance and transparency. Most importantly, the company needs to develop and articulate an effective growth and business strategy. Such a strategy can persuade potential investors that the company is likely to become more profitable in the future. On average, this phase usually takes around two years to complete. The pre-IPO transformation stage can be especially difficult for the founders of the company. In some cases, they have never been involved with a publicly-traded company before. As significant shareholders of a private company, the founders are used to running the business their own way. The founders may have dealt with venture capital funds on their way up. However, the ways that venture capital funds value startups are quite different from the stock market. IPO Transaction Stage The IPO transaction stage usually takes place right before the shares are sold. This phase involves achieving goals that should enhance the initial valuation of the firm. The critical part of this step is maximizing investor confidence and credibility to ensure the issue will be successful. For example, companies can choose to have reputable accounting and law firms handle the formal paperwork associated with the filing. These actions are designed to prove to potential investors the company is willing to spend a little extra. That can help to ensure the IPO goes according to plan. The IPO transaction stage is where expectations often collide with reality, and the IPO can even fail. Before going public, successful firms and their management often receive glowing press reviews and rising valuations from analysts. As the IPO approaches, it becomes necessary to find investors who are willing to pay what the company is supposedly worth. While some IPOs, such as Uber, face difficulties, others fail entirely. For example, WeWork's IPO was canceled shortly before the firm was supposed to go public. It was becoming clear that the market would not pay anywhere near what analysts had claimed WeWork was worth. The IPO transaction stage is where expectations often collide with reality, and the IPO can even fail. 3. Post-IPO Transaction Stage The post-IPO transaction stage involves the execution of the promises and business strategies the company committed to in the preceding steps. The company should not strive to meet expectations, but rather, beat them. Companies that frequently beat earnings estimates or guidance are usually financially rewarded for their efforts. This stage is typically very long because this is the point in time when companies have to prove to the market that they are strong performers for the long-run. Although less stressful than the IPO itself, the firm's management must learn to deal with stock price fluctuations in the post-IPO transaction stage. Private valuations arrived at by analysts often show steady progress. Every stock goes down as well as up at some point. When that happens, the company must learn to deal with a narrative that they do not control and relentless negative press.

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$24,960 per year, gross (pre-tax). $19,968 per year, net (after standard taxes on average).

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