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In what year did the United States have the most soldiers in Vietnam?


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1968 or 1969


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Nobody in the United States cared that there soldiers were back. Most weren't even greeted upon return.

They could wage only a limited war, plus most U.S soldiers in Vietnam were young and inexperienced.

The United States sent hundreds of thousands of U.S. soldiers to fight in the war.

The united states sent hundreds of thousands of U.S. soldiers to fight in the war

Allies of both the United States and Vietnam were two groups that were most likely to support the Vietnam war. The United States would get support from the western world, while Vietnam would receive support from the Muslim world.

The class of soldiers sent to Vietnam was the Marines,Army,and, the Special Ops

The United States of America has the most capable soldiers and by far the best technology and most military spending. So the United States by far

The US was the leader in the fight against communism. Consequently, the US led the way in Vietnam with the most troops, and the most weapons and equipment.

Effective? The North Vietnamese were the most determined. Effective? The United States had the most firepower.

VietnamVietnam and the United States both endured a war in the 1960's. This war was called the Vietnam War and it is one of the most known wars.

People of all class status were sent as United States soldiers during the Vietnam War. There were possiblyÊmore people of lower class than higher class.

During the Vietnam War, the US Army had the largest helicopter force in the United States.

Its not the popularity of the soldiers, but the conflict they are in. A great example was Vietnam. Most hated the war itselft, and why we were over there, not the soldiers.

California lost the most men; over 5,000 dead.

If someone said, "I was in Indochina", you would most likely reply, "what part?" Meaning Cambodia, or Laos, or South Vietnam, North Vietnam, etc. Vietnam is to Indochina as Texas is to America (or Texas is to the United States). Example: "What part of the US are you from?" Reply: "Texas"

About 70 percent of all servicemen in Vietnam were aged 21 or younger.

Most deserts are located in the southwest United States.

In what part of the united states has the wildfire occurred the most?

they were fighting for this most amazing girl in the planet nicole trajceski.

Thousands of young soldiers died. Most of them where under 18.

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