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In what year was martin cooper born?

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in year 1926

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What year did Martin Cooper live in Chicago?

Martin Cooper was born in Chicago, Illinois and currently resides in Chicago.

When was Martin cooper born?

martin cooper was born in 1928

Where was Martin cooper born?

Martin Cooper, the inventor was born December 26,1928 in Chicago, Illinois.

When was Martin Cooper - artist - born?

Martin Cooper - artist - was born in 1958.

When was was Martin cooper born?

Martin cooper invented the first cell phone. idk where he was born and/or raised.... sorry

When was Martin Cooper - inventor - born?

Martin Cooper - inventor - was born on 1928-12-26.

What year did Martin Cooper invent cell phones?

docter martin

What year did martin Cooper get married?

Martin Cooper married his wife, Arlene Harris, in 1991. Cooper is the founder of ArrayComm, and today is the company's Chairman Emeritus.

When was Dr Martin Cooper born?


Where was dr martin cooper born?

in japan

What day was Martin Cooper born?


What happened to Martin cooper?

Martin cooper became a painter and musicianhe is still alive today , he is currently 83 this year in 2012.

What Martin coopers hometown?

Martin Cooper was born in Liverpool England in 1958

How rich is Martin cooper?

martin cooper is 61,00020 in his bank martin cooper has 61,002010 in his bang

Is martin cooper an American?

Yes he was born in Chicago

What year did Martin Cooper and Arlene Harris marry?


Where was Dr Martin Cooper from?

Martin Cooper is from Chicago, Illinois.

Was Martin cooper poor or rich?

Martin Cooper was rich

When did Martin cooper die?

Martin Cooper is Still Alive !

Are there books about Martin cooper?

"Everything Is Wrong": Q&A with Martin Cooper

Did Martin cooper get married?

Martin Cooper did get married to Arlene Harris

What is the death date of Inventor Martin Cooper?

martin cooper is living

Who invented the modern cell phone and what year was it invented?

Doctor Martin Cooper

Did Martin Cooper have kids?

No Martin Cooper did not have any kid with Arlene Harris.

Dr Martin cooper is from which country?

Martin cooper is from Chicago, Illinois is in the usa