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Q: In what year was the rialto bridge built?
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When was the Rialto Bridge built?


Who built the Rialto bridge?

Antonio da Ponte.

What kind of bridge is the Rialto Bridge?

The Rialto is a stone arch bridge.

When was Rialto Bridge created?

Rialto Bridge was created in 1591.

Where in Italy is the rialto bridge found?

The Rialto bridge spans the Grand Canal in Venice. It is the oldest bridge that crosses the canal.

What Type Of Bridge Is The Rialto Bridge?

It's an arch.

How much did the Rialto Bridge cost?

Reportedly, the Rialto Bridge cost approximately 35 dollars to build. The cost of reconstructing the bridge today would require millions.

How many bridges are there from Rialto bridge to the bridge of Sighs?


What is Rialto Bridge made of?

stone and stuff

What year was the harbor bridge built?

The Harbor Bridge was built in the year 1932. This bridge is 3,770 feet in length and is 161 feet wide. This bridge crosses over Sydney Harbor.

In which city can you visit The Rialto Bridge?

In Venice Italy.

Who build the rialto bridge?

Antonio De Ponte

Who designed Rialto bridge?

Antonio da Ponte.

How long did take to build the rialto bridge?


When was the London Bridge built in Az?

The London bridge was built in Arizona in the year 1831. This is built over Lake Havasu.

What type of bridge is Rialto bridge?

it is a foot bridge spanning the Grand Canal in Venice, little stalls where you can buy souvenirs right on the bridge

In what city would you find rialto bridge?

in Venice Italy

How much did the rialto bridge cost to build?

2 ounds

Are Italy's rialto bridge and bridge of sighs the same bridge?

No. The Bridge of Sighs is the covered bridge prisoners passed through on their way from the court to the prison.

What year was the London bridge made in?

The current bridge was built in 1973

Why is the Rialto Bridge famous?

Because it is the oldest and possibly most ornate bridge over the Grand Canal in Venice.

What year was the M50 toll built?

The M50 toll bridge, better known as the West Link bridge, was built in 1990.

When was the first bridge built across the Mississippi river?

The first bridge built across the Mississippi River was in 1855 with the first railroad bridge finished a year later in 1856.

What year was the London Bridge built?

The current bridge was officially opened in 1973

What year was the Marantette Bridge built?