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what rights have women fought for over the years?From colonial days women had worked side by side with men in building new country.

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Q: In what years did women win different rights?
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What rights did women win during the revolution?

equality to men

The seneca falls convention was the first organized effort to win equal rights for?

women's rights.

How did the women win equal rights and what was the key?

women's win the equal rights by impreesing their president woodrow wilson.the woman served as nurses and other workers in the military during world war 1 helped further the cause of women's suffrage.

What steps did women take to win workers rights?

They joined Unions

In which years did women win the rights to a minimum percentage of parliamentary seats in Britain Australia and USA?

Women have no right to a minimum of parliamentary seats in the UK, their selection and election is on the same basis as men.

Who were the pankhursts?

Pankhurst was a leading British women's rights activist who led the movement to win the right for women to vote

What did Susan B do?

She is a person who fought for women suffrage. She was a Quaker and a abolitionist. She also help women win some of there rights

What did Susan b. Do?

She is a person who fought for women suffrage. She was a Quaker and a abolitionist. She also help women win some of there rights

Did susan b anthony win her case in the battle for women's rights?

Women are voting today, so I guess she must have won.

Why did Stanton and Mott organize the Senece Fall Convention?

to win for women the same rights as men

Why did Shirin Ebadi win the Nobel Peace Prize?

For her efforts in democracy in human rights, especially focusing on women and children rights in Iran. 

Who would win South Korean women or North Korean women?

I do not know.. I don't think anyone would know the answer to that, but since I'm a South Korean, I say that South Korean women are going to win! Since North Korean women don't have much rights, but South Korean women have all the rights a person needs, I think South Korean women would be more stronger than North Korean women in any way.

Why did women in the west win rights faster than women in the east?

im not sure but if u look it up on bing there will probably b a lot of answers

In what way did legal rights for women expand in Europe and the US during the 19th century?

Women became more likely to win custody of children after a divorce

How were Athenian and Spartan women alike and different?

they both had limited rights, they weren't allowed to vote but. women in Athens had practically no rights but women in Sparta could own land and learned to play sports like the boys.....but there was a way a women could be of significance in both Athens and Sparta, actually in all of Greece: a women could win the chariot races. that is because the winner is the owner of the horse. if the horse participating in the game was owned by the woman and it won, she would be a winner.

Did which team win in WWE bragging rights team smackdown or team raw?

Team Smackdown won bragging rights 2 years straight

Who is the oldest women swimmer to win a medal in the Olympics?

Dara Torres is the oldest women swimmer to win a medal in the olympics.She was 41 years old when she won a medal.She also won a silver medal.

Is maathai dead?

Maathai, a human rights activist, the first african women to win the Nobel Peace Prize, died of cancer in 2011.

Why did it take so long for african americans and for women to win voting rights?

Because voting was strictly for wealthy, white, property-owning males.

Why did Shirin Ebadi win The Nobel Peace Prize in 2003?

The Nobel Peace Prize 2003 was awarded to Shirin Ebadi for her efforts for democracy and human rights. She has focused especially on the struggle for the rights of women and children..

How much money did Channel 7 pay to win the television rights for the Australian Open tennis?

600 million for 5 years.

Who was the youngest women to win the US Open Tennis Championship?

Tracy Austin was the youngest female to win the US Open at the age of 16 years 9 months in 1979.

How did different groups of Americans win greater civil rights during the period between 1920 and the 1960s?

hindi mo maiintindihan

Who won the brit awards?

several people win brits in the brit awards i different years.

What does suffragette mean?

The term means a woman involved in earning women's rights. Women now have the same rights as men, but that wasn't always the case. In the early 20th century women couldn't vote in elections and the vast majority could only get jobs as house servants. The battle for equality lasted a long time. It wasn't until the 19th amendment was added to the constitution in 1919, did women win the right to vote.