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One year and three months.

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Charles Darnay was held in La Force prison in Paris.

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Paris, France

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Q: In which city was Charles Darnay held in prison?
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What was the conciergerie in A Tale of Two Cities?

The Conciergerie in A Tale of Two Cities is a prison in Paris where many characters, including Dr. Manette and Charles Darnay, are held during the French Revolution. It is depicted as a place of harsh conditions and injustice, where prisoners await their fate at the guillotine.

What did Charles darnay and the marquis both agree with?

Charles Darnay and the Marquis both agreed with the principles of the French aristocracy and held similar beliefs about their social status and privileges. They shared a disdain for the lower classes and believed in the power and authority of the aristocracy.

What city was Nelson Mandela held when he was imprisoned?

in prison

In A Tale of Two Cities Who are the blue-flies referred to in chapter 3?

In "A Tale of Two Cities" by Charles Dickens, the blue-flies referred to in Chapter 3 symbolize the oppressive and suffocating atmosphere in the decrepit prison where the protagonist, Charles Darnay, is held. They represent the decay and degradation of the prison environment, emphasizing the grim conditions faced by its inmates.

What is the prison mentioned in little dorrit?

The prison mentioned in Charles Dickens' novel "Little Dorrit" is the Marshalsea Prison, where the main character, William Dorrit, is held for debt. The Marshalsea was a debtors' prison located in Southwark, London, known for its harsh conditions and the social stigma associated with being imprisoned there.

Who was held prisoner in the mamertime prison?

The Mamertine Prison held people who were awaiting either execution or trial. A famous person held there was the king of Numidia, Jugurtha.

Where was Geronimo held in prison?


What south African city is the former prision home of Nelson Mandela located?

The break down of his prison time and where he was held is: 1964 to 1982: Robben Island 1982 to 1988: Pollsmoor Prison, Cape Town 1988 to 1990: Victor Verster Prison, Paarl

Was Nelson Mandela in held prison at Alcatraz?

No. He was not.

Who was the last prisoner in Spandau Prison?

Rudolf Hess, Nazi war criminal was the last prisoner held at Spandau prison and from 1966 until his death in 1987 was the only prisoner held there. After his death the prison was demolished.

Whatl death row inmates are held in kind of prison?

(in the US) Inmates sentenced to deat are held in a special area of the prison complex and segregated from the general population.

Can an inmate be held in prison after his parole date?

It depends on the circumstances as to whether or not an inmate can be held in prison after his parole date. On average, once the parole date comes, the inmate is released.