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Q: In which countries did authoritarian leaders come to power?
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How do leaders come to power in the UK?

they get voted in

How do leaders come to power in England?

the public vote them in

How did most Latin American leaders come into power after liberation?

Through military power

How leaders come to power to totalitarian?

It isn't transferred. Whoever had enough power took it.

How did African leaders respond when europeans countries come to take control?

african leaders made the british fight for every inch of land they took

In what countries did totilitarian governments come to power?


When did the anti -Jewish come to power?

Anti-Jewish leaders have been in power since the beginning of Judaism. Some are are still in power today.

What agreements did the Germans experienced an economic depression desired revenge and had new leaders come to power?

treaty of versailles

What distinguishes an authoritarian government from a democratic one?

There isn't automatically any. A democratic government can be authoritarian, or liberal. Democratic denotes the form of its constitution, authoritarian its manner of government. The two concepts are not mutually exclusive, though their spirit is broadly contrary.

Does a recession aide extremist leaders come to power?

Not necessarily come to power, but to put forward ideas to the masses which will lead the people to believe in false hopes, and make demands to the standing government that will weaken that government, so that the possibility of gaining power may be achieved. The purpose of extremists is to enslave the people and not to free them

Which countries did the convicts come from?

what countries did

How does a chancellor come into power?

Chancellor is a title that refers to vastly different positions in the governments of different countries. As a result the procedures for a chancellor to come to power depend on the country in question. Please resubmit the question specifying which country (and what time period if possible) for a specific answer.