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In which countries is cannibalism legal?

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2009-06-21 00:08:42

As long as you don't get the body illegally you can probably eat

human in:

Papua New Guinea




*In some countries (including Russia) there is no law regarding

it but be warned " Lawmakers are being forced to update laws

pertaining to cannibalism or establish new laws where none existed

before." So it could change.

**In some countries you can be charged of "Disturbing the peace

of the dead" or something similar.

In some countries (including UK) if the person being eaten makes

the incision themselves and doesn't die as a result then no law has

been broken.

Be careful

There are quite a few diseases and illnesses you can get from

eating humans like Aids and Kuru. So I recommend don't have

to much blood and don't eat the brain.

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