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no episode because she was not chick enough for naruto


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Naruto Shippuden - Episode 166 - Confessions Naruto Shippuden - Manga 437 - Confessions

Naruto Shippuden - Episode 166 - Confessions Naruto Shippuden - Manga 437 - Confessions

Naruto does not kiss Hinata. Not by accident in the anime or the manga. However, he did kiss Sasuke by accident.

Sorry. But there isn't an NARUTO or NARUTO SHIPPUUDEN episode where Hinata goes out with Naruto. I'm not trying to be a A**hole. NARUTO is an action Manga/Anime and will most likely not have any if not all heavy romance.

They haven't kissed as of yet, neither in the manga nor in the anime.

They are not together. And by the looks of how the anime and manga is going, Sakura looks like she has a better chance with Naruto than Hinata.

she does not faint in the show... the manga just states that she faints but does not show it in the manga or anime :3

Hinata shows up around episode 40 but she is still incredibly shy of talking to Naruto. In episode 33 of Naruto shippuuden she still blushes and loses conscious when she mis-hears Naruto (amusing). In episode 166 (Manga Chapter 437) Hinata confesses to Naruto, but we won't see anything of this develop for a long time as the Manga (which is much farther ahead of the Anime) doesn't touch on the Hinata*Naruto thing as far as I've read (Chapter 500)

She will get stabbed later in the anime but sadly, you could see her getting stabbed in the manga

Well, Hinata was in love with Naruto since the very beginning. She was always very shy and quiet when Naruto was around. She would always touch the fingers when he was around. However, I do not know which episode Hinata confesses to Naruto about her love for him, but I do know which chapter in the manga! It's Volume 47, Chapter 437. Read it on MangaFox for free:

There is no such thing of it in the original source in the manga. It's filler in the anime episode 166 in Naruto Shippudden.

The final manga issue shows that Naruto and Hinata have become a couple and had two children.

I (personally) hope it is and in Naruto Manga Chapter 437 Hinata does in fact Admit to Naruto she does love him

No she loves me Ignore the comment above. Hinata tell Naruto she loves him in the battle with Pein. I'm not precisly sir what manga number in Naruto but she does tell him. ---------- Chapter 437. Episode 166.

It's not in the Naruto manga. That was a filler episode.

Naruto has not yet asked Hinata out.Naruto HAS NOT asked Hinata out ever in the series (As of 7:10am, EST time, April 15 2009). However, Hinata confesses her love for Naruto in manga chapter 437, before taking a fatal blow from Pein. NaruHina fans go crazy...

As far as i know, they never kissed or at least never showed it in the manga, i guess they are just friends. (and Hinata is in love with Naruto, not Kiba)

YES!! she professes her love for him in the manga series Naruto and hinata will end up going out cause she confesses in the manga chapter 437

No. But Hinata is in normal Naruto when they are all younger. On a mission with Hinata Shino and Naruto, Hinata is bathing under a waterfall, and it seems as if shes dancing. Then Naruto shes her o/////o Luckily they only show her silhouette. NOT in the manga just the show. I forgot what episode number though

He meet's her in Shippuden episode 33. Hinata's so cute in it^_^. You can watch it on They have ALL of the naruto episodes,manga chapters and movies.

There is no manga chapter for that because that episode is a filler episode.

Hinata means "towards the sun" in Japanese and is a character in the manga series Naruto.

Asuma in the manga it is Hinata

none.he only went 4 tails. but he did go 6 and 8 tails in naruto manga 437 and 439 when he tought hinata died.

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