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The Lord of the Rings (3 movies) is the one featuring Frodo Baggins.

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How does the character Arwen fit into the Lord of the Rings trilogy?

Arwen is a strong female lead in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. She is the love interest of Aragorn who is supposed to be the King of Gondor. She eventually gives her immortality to Aragorn and saves Frodo Baggins' life.

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Information concerning Lord of the Rings characters?

A brief description of each of the nine in The Fellowship, along with the actors who played them:Frodo Baggins - Cousin to Bilbo Baggins, as well as his heir. A simple hobbit of the Shire, who becomes the lead character in the trilogy; he is the Ring-Bearer, the one who's duty it is to carry the Ring to Mount Doom and cast it into the fire. Frodo is young and innocent, but very brave, and is determined to see the mission through. Played by Elijah Wood. You've probably heard his voice in "Happy Feet"; he was the main character.Samwise Gamgee - Gardener to Frodo Baggins. A hobbit, he is simple-minded and straight-forward, and extremely devoted to Mr. Frodo. He would follow him to the end of the earth if Frodo asked it of him. Played by Sean Astin.Meriadoc Brandybuck - Cousin to Frodo Baggins. Merry is a carefree, fun-loving hobbit who loves nothing more than a good pipe of Longbottom Leaf at the Green Dragon. However, when faced with danger and threats, he is capable of making wise decisions and not doing anything too foolish. Played by the amazing Dominic Monaghan. You've seen him on the TV show LOST (as Charlie Pace) as well as in FlashForward (as Simon).Peregrin Took - Cousin to Meriadoc Brandybuck and Frodo Baggins. Pippin (referred to as Pip by Merry) is a personality to match that of Merry, although he is a bit sillier and not quite as smart. Being a Took, he finds that his curiousity usually gets the better of him, and he ends up making very foolish decisions, despite his good intentions to begin with. As Gandalf so affectionately called him, a "Fool of a Took!" Played by Billy Boyd. You've seen him in Captain and Commander.Legolas Greenleaf - An elf of Mirkwood. Legolas is quiet and thoughtful most of the time. He has a wonderful sense of sight and hearing, great agility, and an amazing talent with a bow and arrows. You don't want Legolas as your enemy, for despite his fair appearance, he is quite deadly with a weapon. Played by Orlando Bloom. You've seen him as Will in Pirates of the Caribbean.Gimli - A dwarf, the son of Gloin (who followed Bilbo to Smaug's mountain in The Hobbit). He enjoys a good meal, detests losing contests, and loves to tease at Legolas whenever he can get a chance. However, deep down inside, they really are two very best friends. Very good with his axe. Played by John Rhys-Davies.Aragorn (Strider) - A man, a Rider of the wilderness, who is in reality heir to the throne of Gondor. Wiser than his looks, Aragorn will one day rise again and be King. He, too, is rather quiet, and very keen in thought, and absolutely deadly in a battle. Played by Viggo Mortensen.Boromir - A man of Gondor, brother to Faramir, son of Denethor, guardian of Gondor. Boromir considers it his sole duty to bring victory to Gondor at last, and will do anything to achieve it, even if it means taking the Ring from Frodo. Not the brightest of men, but he has very good intentions to begin with. Played by Sean Bean. You might have seen him in National Treasure, as the main antagonist.Gandalf the Grey (and the White) - The wizard of the Fellowship. He is wise and powerful. He is expecially good friends with Pippin Took, although he usually spends his time scolding him for doing stupid things. Gandalf will do anything to get Frodo and the Ring safely to Mount Doom. Completely dedicated to the Fellowship's mission. Played by Sir Ian MacKellen

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