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The diagonals will not always bisect opposite angles in a rectangle.

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Are the diagonals of a rhombus conguerent to each other?

Not in general. The diagonals of a rectangle are equal length. A rhombus that is also a rectangle would be a square.

When can a rectangle be a rhombus?

A rectangle is a rhombus when its diagonals meet vertically so, when its diagonals are vertical to each other. Actually, this happens only when it's a square!

What characteristics help tell the difference between a rhombus and rectangle?

Rhombus: Adjacent sides are equal. Diagonals intersect at 90°. Measure of all interior angles not specific. Diagonals are not equal. Rectangle: Pair of opposite sides are equal. Measure of angle of intersection of diagonals not specific. Measure of all interior angles is 90°. Diagonals are equal.

Does a quadrilateral or a rectangle or a rhombus or square have diagonals bisect each other?

Not a quadrilateral. But "Yes" to a rhombus and a rectangle. And, since a square is a rectangle as well as a rhombus, a square as well.

What are the diagonals in a rhombus?

The diagonals of a rhombus are lines drawn from one corner, or vertex, to the opposite one. They have two important properties. 1. Diagonals bisects a pair of opposite angles. 2. Diagonals are !!perpendicular!!

Area of a rhombus with diagonals of 8 ft and 10 ft?

The area of the rhombus is 40 square feet. To see why, Draw a rectangle encompassing the rhombus with sides parallel to the rhombus' diagonals. The rectangle has dimensions 10 ft X 8 ft = 80 square ft. Using the diagonals as dividers, each quarter of the rectangle is divided into 2 by one of the rhombus' sides. Thus the area of the rhombus is exactly half that of the encompassing rectangle.

Are the diagonals congruent if a rhombus is a parallelogram?

No not normally only if the parallelogram is in the form of a rectangle will it then have congruent diagonals.

What is a quadrilateral with diagonals that bisect each other?

The diagonals of any parallelogram (square, rhombus, rectangle, rhomboid) bisect each other. The difference is the the diagonals are equal in length for a square and rectangle, and not equal for a rhombus or rhomboid (oblique diamond).

Diagonals bisect each other?

This occurs in a rhombus, rectangle, parallelogram, and a square (which is a type of rhombus).

Are diagonals of rhombus congruent?

Not unless the rhombus is also a rectangle (in which case it's also a square).

Are the diagonals of a rhombus perpendicular and bisect each other?

Yes, they are perpendicular and intersect at their midpoints. The difference between diagonals in a rhombus as opposed to a rectangle or square is that the diagonals are not of equal length.

Do the diagonals in a rectangle bisectperpendicular?

No but the diagonals of a square, rhombus and a kite do intersect each other at 90 degrees

What are the features of a rhombus?

A rhombus has several features. its diagonals will bisect its opposite angles, and the opposite angles will measure equally.

Do the diagonals of a parallelogram bisect each other at a right angle?

Only for a square or rhombus (diamond shape). The diagonals of a rectangle bisect each other, but are not perpendicular and do not bisect the opposite angles they join.

What shape has diagonals bisect each other what is the shape called?

A rhombus satisfies this. Also a rectangle. And a square (which is both a rhombus and a rectangle). There may be others.

What polygons always have congruent diagonals?

Regular polygons. A square and rectangle will have congruent (equal length) diagonals.

What quadrilaterals have diagonals that bisect each other?

A parallelogram a rectangle a square and a rhombus

Do the diagonals of a rhombus bisect its opposite angles?

Yes. In a rhombus (and in a square), the opposite angles that each diagonal connects are bisected by the diagonal.

What is the difference between a rectangle and rhombus?

All four sides of a rhombus are equal, a rectangle has two pairs of opposite sides that are equal. A rhombus has two pairs of opposite angles that are equal, all four angles of a rectangle are equal.

What are the properties of rhombus and rectangle that square has?

Properties of rhombus that square has :- * All sides are equal. Properties of rectangle that square has :- *Each angle is 90 degree. *Diagonals are equal.

What is a polygon with two diagonals?

A square, a rectangle, a trapezoid, a parallelogram, a kite, a rhombus .... etc

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