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In the Fallopian tube which is between ovaries and uterus.

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In which structure of the female reproductive system does a human embryo normally develop?

in the uterus

Are the Human reproductive system same as the Mammal reproductive system?

Humans are mammals

What is the human reproductive system regulated by?

The reproductive cycle of a human is usually regulated by hormones.

What are three things that could mess up the human reproductive system?

Infections in the human reproductive system could cause scarring. Cancer can affect the organs of the reproductive system. Hormonal disorders can affect the function of the reproductive system.

What is the male reproductive system specialized to produce?

The Human Male reproductive system produces Testosterone.

What are the differences in human and cat reproductive system?

The reproductive system of a cat is very similar to that of a human. Both have ovaries , vagina , vulva, embryos.

Where can you find a diagram of the human male reproductive system?

yestype in diagram of male reproductive system and then you will see websites of the diagram of male reproductive system

What is the structure of human reproductive system?

none answer

Where Human reproductive system are stored in the?

The brain

The human reproductive system is regulated by?


What is the function of the human reproductive system?

The main function of the human reproductive system is to ensure species survival by equipping men and women with the necessary organs to procreate. The reproductive system also helps to regulate the body's hormones.

What are the similariteries in a human and panda reproductive system?


Where does human development occur?

in the female reproductive system

What human body system countinues the species?


How is the human reproductive system regulated?

Restriction Enzymes.

The female reproductive system in humans differs from the human male reproductive system in that it is solely responsible for?

nourishing a developing zygote

How are the reproductive systems of humans and plants different?

plant reproductive system takes place on land ana human reproductive system takes place in the body

The human brain develops before the reproductive system What does this demonstrate?

The human brain developing before the reproductive system indicates that the prefrontal cortex is more mature than the reproductive system. However, this is a bit of a fallacy, as reproductive systems are rudiment ally functional at a very young age.

Is the human reproductive system the same as the animal reproductive system?

It would depend on which animal you are referring to, mammals have much the same reproductive system. Birds, fish and insects which are also animals do not.

What human body system relates to the reproductive system?

The reproductive system works closely with the endocrine, nervous, and integumentary systems. The circulatory system is also important. The male reproductive system is closely tied with the urinary system as well.

Is the egg of a human reproductive system the largest cellin the human body?

Yes, it is.

What human body system makes new living things?

The reproductive system.

What human organ system is part of ovaries?

The ovaries are part of the reproductive system.

Which human organ system produces sperm or egg cells?

reproductive system

What is the main function of the human reproductive system?

the production of gametes

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