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it's is only used to represent it isSo its is used correctly in A it's is used correctly in B and C

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Q: In which sense is its used correctly A the monster reared its head at the tourists B the problem with the lawn mower is that it's old C when trying to catch fish it's important to be patient d its ea?
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When trying to catch fish its important to be patient is the word its used correctly?

No. It should be "When trying to catch fish, it's important to be patient." 'It's' is a contraction, a combination of 'it' and 'is'. 'Its' shows that 'it' owns something. For example, "Wash the car, its windows are dirty." To check this in the future, replace 'it's' or 'its' with 'it is' in a sentence and read it out loud. If it makes sense, then use 'it's', if not use 'its'.

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If you mean the apostrophe in the word "patient's," yes, it is used correctly. The hint is the use of the singular possessive, "her," which refers to one patient, thus, "the patient's cardia..."; if the sentence were worded to include a plurality, "are secondary to their thyrotoxicosis," then one should use the plural possessive, "the patients' cardia...". If, however, you mean the apostrophe before the first word in the sentence, no, it is not used correctly: to be correct it requires a closing apostrophe at he conclusion of the sentence.

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