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Propane is widely used as a domestic fuel.


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Propane generators are great to research. You can use wikipedia to find information that describes the difference between propane generators that would be useful to you.

Can you put gasoline in a gasoline automobile? The propane tanks ARE liquid propane. The gas evaporates as it is released. There is no physical way to store propane as a gas, therefore, it must be stored as a liquid.

The density of propane is 2,0098 g/cm2 at O 0C and 1 013 millibar.

What is the proper way of attaching propane tank to bottom of grill

a propane grill is by far the more popular choice as portable propane tanks are so widely available and affordable. For the convenience, a propane grill is the way to go.

it could be in one way and couldn't be in another

Propane stove. Propane water heater. Propane fridge. Propane heater. Propane gas lights. Propane generator w/storage cells for electric use. Propane A/C units (not cheap, but have long life.)

For those that are tired of messing with charcoal, propane grills are the way to go. Propane grills are a great way to save money. The cost of lighter fluid and charcoal will be eliminated. These grills are also easier to clean. Simply heat up the grill surface and all bacteria and old food is burned off. Also, propane offers quicker cooking times.

You will get way too big a flame [think flamethrower]. Also a very inefficient burn. Nat gas uses a larger orifice jet than safely use propane the orifice must be replaced with a smaller one suitable for propane.

Propane gas have no good price. The pricing follows the Oil Stalk-market at all time. When the Oil price goes up than the same will happend to the propane gas and the other way around.

Most propane grills use a general propane that can be bought in any store. Portable propane grills often come with their own propane tank, therefore making there be no need to choose your own propane.

In what ways are fossils useful to geologist?

propane is nonrenewable

Propane is a compound.

propane is not reusable!!

Propane has not a color.

No. Propane is a hydrocarbon.

Approximately 100 gallons propane WC (1000) x .42 = lbs propane Lbs propane / .42 = gallons

Propane tank is empty.Shutoff valve on propane tank is off.Shutoff valve at propane logs is off.Propane regulator is defective.

A propane supplier's job would be to supply propane to the companies and businesses that would need or want propane for their business. They would sell the propane to those businesses.

who discovered propane ? Walter otheman snelling discovered propane in 1910

There is 4.24 pounds of propane per gallon.

Propane pollutes the air around us. Propane is used as fuel and in chemical synthesis. Also propane is a nonrenewable gas.

How much wood can a woodchuck chuck? Same question.

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