In which year did ashoka die?

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That is unknown, but thanks to the Season 5 finale, we know that Ahsoka's life was spared when Order 66 was issued. The Jedi expelled her when she was falsely accused of crimes she didn't commit, but when the truth was revealed, she refused to come back and left the Jedi Order and Anakin, tearfully.

When was Ashoka Hotel established?

in the yr 1955 Pt Jawaharlal nehru decided to hold a UNESCO meeting of 1956 in India... but India didnt have a standard hotel or convention center.... the in the yr 1955-56 India built its first five star hotel , the Ashok Hotel in Delhi at the cost of Rs 3 crores (300 million during that time... so ( Full Answer )

How did the ashoka died?

Ahsoka Tano's death is unknown, but it has been revealed at the endof Season 5 of the TV show "Star Wars: The Clone Wars," that sheleft the Jedi Order and therefore survives Order 66

From Where Is Ashoka Chakra Taken?

It is taken from the Lions capital of Ashoka and having presence on various edicts of Ashoka. It has replaced pre independence charakha on the national flag. It has 24 spokes.

What is the difference between ashoka and chandragupta?

Asoka wanted to bring people into India. Asoka believed in Buddhas ways. Chandragupta had strong armies and he was a Hindu. there is a big difference between them. Ashoka wanted peace and be equal to everybody. chandragupta wanted to live a luxury life and he only gathered with rich people. Asho ( Full Answer )

Does Ashoka Tano die?

Ahsoka Tano is one of the few jedi to survive order 66 but is surprisingly killed by a strange species that enjoy watching the pain of others and she is tortured to death

When and how does Ashoka Tano die?

Ahsoka Tano's fate hasn't been fully revealed. She left the JediOrder at the end of the series "Star Wars: The Clone Wars," but her"ultimate fate" is still unknown.

When did ashoka die?

Ahsoka's fate has not been revealed yet. So we need to wait until the end of Season 3 to find out

Children of ashoka?

Ashoka had four sons namely Mahenda, Tivara, Kunala and Jaulaka. He had two daughters Sanghamitra and Charumati

Who was the father of ashoka the great?

Ashoka's father was Bindusara, the son of Chandragupta Maurya. Chandragupta is the Sandrocottos of ancient Greek authors, and Bindusara is called Amitrochates and sometimes according to the author Allitrochades.

Does Ashoka die in clonewars?

Ahsoka's fate has not been revealed yet. So you won't get an actual answer for a long time

Does ashoka and rex die?

Both Ahsoka and Rex's fates have not been confirmed yet. So we'll have to wait until Season 3 ends in order to know

Where was ashoka from?

She was from the planet Shili. NO HE WASN'T THAT IS Ahsoka from star wars. Ashoka is an emperor who ruled the Indian Empire: Mauyra from 273 bc to 232 bc. And he was from India not planet Shili [answer improved by: ian12111]

Did ashoka die?

Ahsoka's fate has not been confirmed yet. So we will have to wait until the finale of Season 3 airs in order to find out

In Star Wars How does Ashoka Tano Die?

Ahsoka's fate has not been revealed yet. So we don't know what happens to her for sure, since there are hundreds of possibilities as of what her fate could be

Did ashoka die at order 66?

Ahsoka's fate has not been confirmed yet. So no one knows what really happens to her since there are hundreds of possibilities as to what her fate is

Who was ashoka and what were his edicts?

Ashoka was the son of Bindusara and his grandfather chandragupta. His edicts tell that what he was doing for his people and how they should live and also tells about his life

Where ashoka died?

Ahsoka died at Pataliputra, Patna. I believe the answer above refers to a real Indian ruler. The fictional character Ashoka Tano, is still alive but her future has not yet been decided. ----------------------[ new editation by ian12111 starts now] wow it isn't ashoka tano it is ahsoka tano an ( Full Answer )

What was Ashoka known for?

Ashoka Maurya ruled much of the Indian subcontinent in the thirdcentury B. C. He is famous for his conversion to Buddhism.

Ashoka was a leader of?

part of the grand republic army XD got you! If you mean the ashoka from history i suggest looking it up on wikipedia

Does ashoka tano die in the revenge of the sith?

Ahsoka's fate has not been revealed yet. But personally, as much as I hate to say it, I don't even think she'll be around during the timeline in Revenge of the Sith

Who killed ashoka?

I don't know who killed her but i know she turned to the dark side... check out

Does Ashoka have a crush on anakin?

Im a huge fan of both Ahsoka and Anakin. But as for Ahsoka having a crush on him, I don't know for sure. I know that they care for each other a great deal, though

Why was Ashoka a great leader?

Ashoka was a great leader because he made a huge turning point after the war of Kalinga and adopted the teachings of Buddha and treated his people good. Then he became a very wise man.

What are the achievements of ashoka?

Ashoka created edict columns that explained is laws, and belief. He erected numerous Buddhist monasteries and setups, regulated the slaughter of animals, and softened the harsh laws of his predecessors.

Will ashoka tano die in Star Wars the clone wars season 3?

Ahsoka's fate has not been confirmed yet. But since Season 3 is the last season in the show, we will find out what happens to Ahsoka at the end. Ima KIP's answer: Season 3 is NOT the last season of the show. For an interesting insight to Ahsoka's twist, go to

How old was ashoka when he died?

First of all, Ahsoka is a she, and whether she dies or not at the end of The Clone Wars is still to be revealed---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- YOU IDIOT ITS A HE AND THE NAME IS ASHOKA THE DYNASTY EMPEROR RULER OF THE INDIAN EMPIRE MAUYRA AND ( Full Answer )

What was Ashoka know for?

Ashoka was a great king of the Maurya dynasty who ruled a large empire in the Indian subcontinent roughly in the 3rd century BC. Among the many violent wars he fought, the most famous is the war of Kalinga, which Ashoka won but only after immense violence and bloodshed. The war of Kalinga moved Aso ( Full Answer )

What is the botanical name of ashoka tree?

The botanical name of the ashoka tree is SaracaIndica . The are found at the foot of the Eastern and central Himalayas aswell as across plains in India.

Does ashoka attack anikan?

Well, in one episode in Season 3, an evil man known only as "Son" took Ahsoka as an attempt to try and get Anakin to join him. But since Ahsoka wouldn't turn easily, he took extreme measures and Ahsoka fell under the spell of the dark side and attacked Anakin. But no one was hurt and she was brought ( Full Answer )

How did the Ashoka rule the Mauryan Empire?

At first he ruled like his grandfather, Chandragupta Maurya, using warfare and violence. However, after a battle, he felt sorrow over the murder and suffering that war gives, and therefore decides to rule his empire through peace and non-violence. He converted to Buddhism and encouraged many people ( Full Answer )

What are the uses of the ashoka tree?

Ashoka tree is one of the sacred trees of the Hindus as well as the Buddhists. The astringent bark is reported to have a stimulating effect on the endometrial and ovarian tissue, and is useful for treating menstrual pain and menorrhagia due to uterine fibroids, leucorrhoea, and internal bleeding, he ( Full Answer )

Is ashoka leaves medicinal?

Ashoka leaves are helpul to us. Every plant is useful to nature,so I believe that it is medicinal plant.

Why did ashoka embrace bhuddhism?

After eight years of rule, he waged a fierce war against the kingdom of Kalinga ( Orissa of today) and was so horrified at the carnage he had caused that he gave up violence and turned to Buddhism.

Who is Ashoka in ancient India?

Ashoka was the greatest ruler of the Maurya Empire. He stopped fighting wars to try to gain land instead he started to trade. He also converted into Buddhism. Lastly, he made his own edicts which are like laws.

What dynasty did Ashoka rule?

The Mauryan Empire Of India, 324 BCE to 184 BCE. Ashoka himself was 269 BCE to 232 BCE He was a conqueror turned Buddhist and promoted religious tolerance, also encouraged trade with China for silk.

Did Ashoka murder anyone?

No. And if you're referring to the season 5 finale, Ahsoka was innocent of those crimes. She never took a life unless she really had to, just like the case of Osi Sobeck, the warden of the Jedi prison known as The Citadel in the season 3 episode "Citadel Rescue," and the only reason why she killed h ( Full Answer )

Did Ashoka receive enlightenment?

This is not a simple issue to deal with because enlightenment is an esoteric state beyond the form realm in which we live. In Tibetan Buddhism there are specific signs of an individual reaching enlightenment and realisation, I'm unaware of these being evident in Ashoka's case. This doesn't necessari ( Full Answer )

When ashoka born?

Ahsoka Tano was born 36 BBY, or 36 years before the events in the original film

Why is Ashoka A King?

He is a King because he believes that people should not get hurtand people should not be slaves and many more. He is known forbeing really nice.

Who was ashoka The Great?

Ashoka was an Indian emperor of the Maurya Dynasty, who ruledalmost all of the Indian subcontinent from c. 268 to 232 BCE.