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IT is surprising that this question is being asked. Dena Bank was one of the fourteen banks nationalised in 1969. At that time, it was one of the bigger banks having 5th position all India.

All Bank Branches of State Bank of India are now enabled for RTGS(Real Time Gross Settlement) Transactions.

Yes and No. Actually speaking, there is a bank named Central Bank of India which offers commercial and retail banking services to citizens of India. At the same time, the term Central Bank of a Country refers to the bank that governs all banking operations in a country. If that is what you are referring to by central bank in your question, then Yes, Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is the central bank in the country.

Which emperor of India united almost all the subcontinent of India for the first time?

If submitted as payment and the bank issuing is in the US and the receiving bank is in India then a conversion is made by the sending bank using the exchange rate at the time of the transmission of funds

u can contact western union money transfer or any nationalised bank, they might help you send money provided the transaction is official. The charges varies and depends on how many amount you wants to transfer to India also there are urgent charges for money to be delivered immidiately, normal transfer takes about a weeks time.

India participated first time in 1934.

artillery was used for the first time in india by

Saka kings was the first king that ruled India for a very long time.

Since the time of its inception in 1906, Canara Bank is a state-owned bank in India. The bank's headquarters are located in Bangalore, Karnataka. The bank has approximately 4600 branches throughout India, as of early 2014, and also offers services in other countries, such as the UK and China.

There are a number of banks that offer customers first time home loans. Some banks to offer this service include 'US Bank', 'Standard Bank' and 'Bank of America'.

India first participated in the Commonwealth Games at the 1934 London Games.

It depends. If the RBS cheque is from a RBS bank account in India and deposited inside India in a HSBC Account, the clearance time is usually 3-5 working days. If the RBS cheque is from a RBS bank account from abroad and deposited inside India in a HSBC account, the clearance time is usually 3-4 weeks.

The benefits of investing in the Bank of India include smaller return time lines than a typical investment in the United States as well as offering higher interest rates.

Sachin Kumar Was First person who was use first time facebook in india his id was # 1503

I am a Nationalised Bank Senior Manager liable to be posted anywhere in India. It happens once in 3/4 years . I cannot have permanent residence certificate anywhere. I have been struggling to get this certificate for my son who has scored 92% in CBSE 12 th std. But I am only wasting my time in running from pillar to post. Anna University should accept certificate from employer at least in such cases, where the employer is central government and nationalised banks. Or is it an excuse to reject on technical grounds. We are neither in Tamil nadu quota nor in out of state quota Which means that AU does not want good students!

Cash Reserve Ratio or CRR in India is the amount of money that every bank has to deposit with the RBI per customer. Every time a customer deposits cash to the bank, the bank has to correspondingly deposit a portion of that cash to the RBI. RBI decides this percentage of money that each bank has to deposit with it.

The first Governor-General of India (British India) was Warren Hastings. He served as Governor-General during the time period of 1773 to 1785

Satyam Infotech is the first private organisation which provide internet in India

I don't think so. Karur Vysya Bank is one of the largest private sector banks in India. It is extremely well managed and a very profitable entity. There are only two reasons why the government would nationalize private banks - one is if the bank is totally mismanaged and the government feels it has to intervene to protect the customers. The second is if the government feels all banks must be nationalized. Neither is the case now. So, in the near future - No. after 15 or 20 years - only time can tell.

please mention the various nationalized banks By the 1960s, the Indian banking industry has become an important tool to facilitate the development of the Indian economy. At the same time, it has emerged as a large employer, and a debate has ensued about the possibility to nationalise the banking industry. Indira Gandhi, the-then Prime Minister of India expressed the intention of the GOI in the annual conference of the All India Congress Meeting in a paper entitled "Stray thoughts on Bank Nationalisation." The paper was received with positive enthusiasm. Thereafter, her move was swift and sudden, and the GOI issued an ordinance and nationalised the 14 largest commercial banks with effect from the midnight of July 19, 1969. Jayaprakash Narayan, a national leader of India, described the step as a "masterstroke of political sagacity." Within two weeks of the issue of the ordinance, the Parliament passed the Banking Companies (Acquisition and Transfer of Undertaking) Bill, and it received the presidential approval on 9 August, 1969. A second dose of nationalization of 6 more commercial banks followed in 1980. The stated reason for the nationalization was to give the government more control of credit delivery. With the second dose of nationalization, the GOI controlled around 91% of the banking business of India. Later on, in the year 1993, the government merged New Bank of India with Punjab National Bank. It was the only merger between nationalized banks and resulted in the reduction of the number of nationalised banks from 20 to 19. After this, until the 1990s, the nationalised banks grew at a pace of around 4%, closer to the average growth rate of the Indian economy.

No, India is organising cwg 4 the first time but India has organized asiad games of 1982.

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