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Q: In which year was a bank nationalised in India for the first time?
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Is dena bank is a nationalised bank or not?

IT is surprising that this question is being asked. Dena Bank was one of the fourteen banks nationalised in 1969. At that time, it was one of the bigger banks having 5th position all India.

Who introduced credit card for the first time in India?

central bank of India

When did the Nationalization of the bank took place for the first time in India?


Is not PNB to introduce ATM in India for first time?

No, it was Bank of baroda

Which nationalized bank use ATM card first time in India?

HSBC in 1987

What is the state bank of India working time?

Curry tiem

Name of State Bank of India branch having Real Time Gross clearance service at?

All Bank Branches of State Bank of India are now enabled for RTGS(Real Time Gross Settlement) Transactions.

Is rbi and central bank of india are same?

Yes and No. Actually speaking, there is a bank named Central Bank of India which offers commercial and retail banking services to citizens of India. At the same time, the term Central Bank of a Country refers to the bank that governs all banking operations in a country. If that is what you are referring to by central bank in your question, then Yes, Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is the central bank in the country.

Who was the prime minister of India at the time of nationalisation of bank?

Indira Gandhi

How many regional rural bank in India at present time?


Which emperor of India united almost all the subcontient of India for the first time?

Which emperor of India united almost all the subcontinent of India for the first time?

Can a check in USD be converted to Rs in India?

If submitted as payment and the bank issuing is in the US and the receiving bank is in India then a conversion is made by the sending bank using the exchange rate at the time of the transmission of funds

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