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Geographically, Berlin was surrounded by the Soviet Zone. Each of the occupying powers - Britain, France, the USSR and the US - had a sector of Berlin. In 1948-49 Berlin in effect split into East and West Berlin. The city remained divided till the Fall of Wall in 1989.

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How was Germany and Berlin split up after World War 2?

Initially, Germany was split into 4 zones by the Allies, as was the capital city of Berlin. An American Zone, a British zone, a French zone, and a Soviet zone. Not long after, the allies decided to combine their zones into a single zone which became West Germany and West Berlin.

Which side of Berlin was free in World War 2?

In World War 2 there was no division of Berlin. In the Cold War, the 'free' part was West Berlin.

What does the cold war and World War 2 have to do with the fall of the Berlin wall?

The Berlin Wall is important to World War 2 and the Cold War because is stopped the flood of Germans into West Berlin.

What were the 4 allies that occupied West Berlin after World War 2?

Berlin was divided into a total of 4 zones. The British, French, and Americans controlled the Western zones and the Russians controlled the Eastern zone.

What city was divided at the end of World War 2?


What country at the end of World War 2 was divided into 4 occupational zones?

GERMANY was divided into the Soviet Zone, American Zone, British Zone and French Zone. THE City of Berlin was also divided between zones controlled by the same four powers.

What is the vegetation zone of Germany?

cupcakes and war all sold in the middle of Berlin wall

City in Europe was split in 2 after World War 2 and reunited after the cold war?

After World War II, Berlin, the capital of Germany was split into four zones. These were controlled by the Russians, Americans, British and French armies for many years. The US, UK and French zones were collectively called West Berlin and the Russion zone East Berlin. In 1961 the Berlin Wall was built by the Russians to divide the city. The wall was pulled down in 1989.

Who occupied East Berlin after World War 2?

The USSR occupied and took complete control of East Berlin after World War 2.

Where was the iron curtain and cold war located?

Berlin, Germany

Why do you think the city of Berlin a focal point of Cold War conflict?

The city was inside the Russian zone of Germany, but as the former Capital of Germany, the city itself was divided into an American Zone (West Berlin) and a Russian Zone (East Berlin). This guaranteed that the two sides would come into contact (and conflict).

How many countries ruled Berlin after word war 2?

No countries ruled Berlin after world war 2

What city was divided after world war?


What happened to German and Berlin after world war 2?

In Berlin the Berlin wall was taken down, uniting east and west Berlin.

How is the Berlin wall connect to World War 2?

The Berlin Wall was built to separate East and West German under the second world war

What happened when the Russians invaded Berlin at the end of World War 2?

Berlin fell.

Why did the countries have to race to Berlin in World War 2?

Because Berlin rocks, man!

Were the schools closed in Berlin during world war 2?

Before Berlin was invaded, no.

A blockade of Berlin occurred during which war?

World War II

The Berlin blockade put an end to what war?

World War 2

Which city was Checkpoint Charlie located during The Cold War?


How many people are affected by war?

All people located in the war zone.

What was the capital of Germany in World War 1?


Where was Germany divided after World War 2?


Was Berlin captured in world war 2?


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